Chapter 10

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Sparks immediately flew through his skin when he felt the small hands on his arm. Gazing to her, tears pricked in her eyes. Dropping his brother, he gazed down to the damage done to his own flesh and blood. He couldn't imagine what she thought of him now. He was a beast, nothing more. 

"Zeke, please stop," she whispered, shakily. 

When his name fell across Aylin's lips, his heart swelled. But it was short lived when he realized that she probably would never have him. Now, she's seen what he's capable of, even to his own brother. 



'Come to Miss Turner's room, and take Quill to the pack doctor.'

'Yes, Majesty.'

Aylin was shaking at the sight before her. Ezekiel didn't know what to do. Does he take her away from the scene, or does he leave her there? Going with his instinct, he gently guided Aylin away from the room. 

"What about Quill?" she asked, hoping that it wouldn't incur his wrath again. 

Grunting, his tone was cold. "He'll be fine. I've done much worse to him." 

Silently, Aylin followed behind Ezekiel, keeping her head down. She hoped that he wouldn't take any of his anger out on her. Since her head was down, she had no idea where they were going. The creaking of a door forced her head up. 

"Come in," he told her. The sharp shutting of the door made her jump. 

Looking around, the room was exquisite. Large cross hatched windows, king sized bed with black silk sheets, four post bedframe, deep wood furniture, large mirror above the dresser, beautiful red shag rug under the bed. Everything was gorgeous; like the man who resided in the room. 

Ezekiel flicked the light on to the bathroom, closing it behind him. He was afraid to look at Aylin; afraid that she may think him nothing more than a monster. Gazing at his reflection, his eyes were still dark. He wasn't able to come down off his anger seeing his brother touching his mate. Taking a deep breath, he turned on the water to the sink, and stuck his bloody hands under. 

Aylin listened at the bathroom door, wondering what he was going to do. Was he going to blow up again? Or was he going to relax? She was amazed how quickly he eased under her touched. Gathering what courage was left, she turned the knob to the bathroom. Immediately, the scent of blood reached her nose. 

Momentarily, Ezekiel didn't notice her walk in. He only did when her small hands were on his helping him get the blood off. Lathering her hands, she was cleaning him. He was fascinated at how small her hands were in comparison to his. Almost like a dolls hands. Ceasing moving his hands, she didn't. Aylin continued to clean the blood off his knuckles. Tingles immediately ran up his arms with her touch. Ezekiel's gaze was fixed on her beautiful face; was she accepting him for who he was? 

"There's a small piece of wood in your knuckle. Can I take it out?" Shaking out of his head, he nodded at her. Carefully, she pulled the small shard of wood out. Wincing in pain, she frowned. "Sorry." Dropping it in the sink, she still continued. Running the bleeding knuckle under the water, she gently ran her finger over it, making sure she didn't leave a piece in. Turning off the tap, she walked around to the other side of the sink, grabbing a hand towel. Wrapping his hands, she gently patted them dry. 

"I'm sorry," Ezekiel whispered, his head down in shame. 

"So, what does this mean?" He was silent, not understanding her meaning. "Well, I feel it. Certainly, you do too. What do we do about it?" Removing the towel, the cuts were already beginning to heal. 

If Ezekiel was honest with himself, he didn't know how to answer her. There was an obvious answer, but he didn't know if it was an option after his little stunt. "I'm not sure," he lied. 

Aylin knew what she wanted to hear, and it wasn't the answer that she was just given. Trying to stifle her tears, she folded the towel neatly and left it on the sink. "I'm going to the library." 

Once again, Ezekiel watched Aylin's retreating form, and did nothing. How stupid did he have to be not to admit what needed to be done? Everything he needed in a mate was Aylin. She put her own fear aside to clean him up, and yet he still let her walk out the door. 

This time, it wouldn't stay that way for long. 

The doors to the library were open, and she was at the furthest window in the circular room staring out to the world. Small sniffles could be heard all the way to the door.  Ezekiel paused before he entered. Knowing he would have to tread lightly, how to proceed eluded him. 

For privacy, he closed the doors. Normally, Aylin would have jumped at the sudden noise, but she made no move. Slowly, Ezekiel made his way toward her. "I think I know what you wanted me to say," he started, "I just don't know how to give you what is necessary." 

"You don't have to." Taken aback, the king didn't know how to answer the girl. "Just let me leave." As if on cue, Aylin could hear Ezekiel's fists clench. 

"And why would I do that?" 

Turning to face him, there was but one answer she could give him. "Because I'm not worthy of a king." 

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