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Silverbreath moved her wing to the side, her eyes wide. Beneath her thin skinned body part lay a silver and red egg, glimmering like a gem in the white moonlight.

A large SkyWing blinked from where he stood in front of the silver and black NightWing. "What's that?" He asked, his voice hollow.

Silverbreath closed her eyes in a painstakingly slow motion. "An egg."

The SkyWing curled his tail around his talons. "I see." he said sarcastically. "But, whose egg?" Though he knew the answer, he just wanted to confirm the fear.

"Falcon..." Her eyes slitted into small and narrow shapes. "Stop toying around."

Falcon took a shaky breath. "It's mine?" He stared at the shiny round object in terror. "Is it..."

She glared at him. "We won't know till it hatches!" She spat furiously. "Though, I hope it isn't." She stared down at the egg.

Falcon folded his wings back, against his bright ginger scales. "Would it be such a bad thing?" He thought, mesmerized in the flecks of silver across the round egg. "I mean, Whitewings was fine."

Shock revolved in Silverbreath's green eyes. "Until she grew crazy and killed Coalflight!" She shot back.

Falcon rolled his eyes, he wished she knew what it felt like to be like him and Whitewings. Freer than a scavenger with wings. "It will be fine." He almost moved, but an idea shot through him.

"Let me give it a gift!" He suggested quickly, his heart beating in excitement.

Silverbreath started. "What? Why would you do that! That will kill her." She defensively curled her tail around the bundle with a possessive hiss.

The fiery SkyWing peeled back his lips. "She's my egg too! And- wait- how do you know if it's a She or a He?" He blinked in confusion.

"It feels like a girl," Huffed Silverbreath, tipping her head up in a snotty motion.

Falcon glared at her. "So? What if it's a boy?" At that moment an idea sprung into his skull.

I don't have to touch the egg to give it a gift! I can give it a gift with my mind! He stared directly at Silverbreath. "Silverbreath, I can check the gender for you." he suggested, trying to distract her for a moment.

Silverbreath coiled her tail tighter around the egg. "No! I know your tricks, Falcon!" she blinked harshly at him and turned her nose away from him.

Falcon stared intently at the egg between her scales. I enchant this egg to become an animus. He leaned closer to it, widening his eyes, he hoped it would work.

The ginger dragon glanced down at a rose gold band that was wrapped around his left arm. This band had been enchanted by his past mate; Whitewings. She had been a NightWing, sister to Silverbreath.

I enchant this band to protect Falcon's soul, and keep him alive during the war of Eternal Lives. The enchantment that she had cast always repeated in his mind. Repeating, and repeating, repeating, repeating.

He needed to protect his son or daughter. He twitched his brow and adverted his gaze from the unborn dragonet. Something bothered him about the silver-red egg, something he could not place a talon on.

Should he give the egg mind reading? Perhaps that could be better then animus powers. He slowly took away and added the powers.

Remove the powers that were once here, then add the powers of seeing in here!

That was the stupidest spell I have ever casted.

Then realization slapped the SkyWing in the nose. Maybe it doesn't need any special powers.

Maybe it should be normal like Silverbreath.

Maybe that's how I protect it.

And with a deep, shuddering breath, the animus slowly said the words he hadn't uttered in eighteen years.

Remove all powers from the dragon of silver scales and eyes.

Though the words were simple, they held frightening past memories. And when the dragon felt the weight lift off his chest, he knew that only one dragon could have been reborn inside this egg.

Whatever happens Whitewings, please, please, leave her alone.

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