Rise of the Spinjitzu master

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(And before you go and say its not like the original ep. To my defence i couldnt find it in english and had to translate it again. Got a prob? Yes? Leav. No? Good. Enjoy.) 

It was now daytime. The ninja were down by the water and talking. Lloyd, Julian and I were further up on the beach. I had a bangade around my head that just looked stupid since I was in my normal for and it was animated to fit Lego people. Julian was bandaging Lloyd's foot at the moment.

"Can I still fight?" Lloyd ask weakly.

"Hmm... I'm sorry. But it takes weeks to heal." Julian said and continued to wrap his foot.

"But we don't have weeks! Ugh!" Lloyd reply before wincing in pain. I sigh and look up from holding my head.

"No matter what. We WILL win." I say which made both the other near me nod in agreement. Even though I could see how much Lloyd doubted himself. 

"The battle between good and evil will be decided today." I hear sensei Wu say.

"But we can't get to the battle! Not even get off this island! Huh-ugh!" Kai say frustrated and threw a rock into the water.

"Hhh....I wonder if I'll ever get to see Nya again..." Jay sighed sadly and looked at me. 

"It is best to think of our friends of how we remember them in our hearts ...Not as they are now." Zane say to comfort him. Julian and I helped Lloyd up and we walked over to the others. The blonde seemed to hesitate before putting his arm around my shoulder. I had turned back to normal to be in his height.

"But I don't remember my father any other way." Lloyd said, limping over with our help.

"Your father loved you. It was the venom in the Great devourer that poisoned him." Misako say.

"Sensei, I don't understand. The Prophets says that the green and Yellow ninja defeat the dark lord! Why didn't we win?!" Kai ask and threw another stone into the water.

"I...Don't know..." Wu say and look down slightly.

"Don't know?! But you're sensei! You always know! You have a long white beard!" Jay exclaim, waving his arms around. 

"There must be a message in this! A lesson! A Word of wisdom! Just a word!" Kai said stubbornly.

"*sigh* This time, I'm afraid there is nothing to learn. Only that evil has won." Sensei say. Everyone were quiet for a second.

"If sensei doesn't have a lesson, then I have one." Lloyd spoke up. "I used to be horrible. But then I met all of you." He said and turned his back at us and started to jump on one leg away... Drama llama. As father as son. "You taught me its important to be brave. Important to be strong." He said and place his hand over his heart... standing away from us... 'Are you talking to us or the camera?' "And most important. To be good." He said and tried to walk on his foot only to wince from pain. "Ugh!" He grunt and jumped around to look at us for once. "When this fight started. When the first spinjitzu master fought against overlord. And he was down on his knees and knew everything was over. Did he give up? No! He found a way to continue the fight!" Lloyd say and pull Jay and Cole who were sitting down, up. "He brought over his elemental powers to us! And we're just a bunch of teens! There must have been a reason to that. I'd think its because he knew that we'd never give up. We never give up! We have learned the ninjas' ancient customs and the ninja never quits." He said.

"Yeah... did you know the ancient ninja actually were assassins? Killing people that had been requested dead?" I said but the only one who reacted was Jay who gasped and looked at his hands. I don't know if he was mocking me or not.

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