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Lil' B


'Three days... this has gone on non-stop for THREE DAYS!' I kept thinking as I cover my audio-receptors, trying to block out the oh-so-quiet music and people shouting at one another.

Even when I'm in my berthroom I can still hear the music as if was coming from next door. You see... all of this shit started when Thunderclash was on our ship. Rodimus got jealous of him 'cause he said they party two days a week. Of course Rodimus being Rodimus, decided to double that amount and wanted to prove to him that he throws better parties than him.

Which also meant four out of seven days there would be: loud music, drunk people, dancing, bar fights, a pissed off Ultra Magnus and a very, very pissed off me. I would always go and tell Rodimus to turn the music down but ,like always, he would just ignore me and turn it up even higher.

I mean I could always turn off my audio-receptors but a wire is severed and none of the medics want to repair is because I might or might not have pulled a huge prank on them last week which leaves me the only option I don't want to follow through with... and that is ripping them out.

I would be just as stupid as Rodimus if I did that. I mean, come on... causing other people pain just to show-off? That's ridiculous. So now, I'm busy walking over to the one place where I can find this fragger; Swerve's.

I speed walk into the bar, my hips swaying as some wolf whistles make themselves known. I glare at the mechs who dare try it. I'm not a femme to be messed with but I do think before I fight. Sometimes.

"Listen Rodimus, this is the last time I'm gonna ask nicely to turn down the music and easing up a bit on the highgrade." I ask impatiently, already feeling my audio-receptors go deaf. He didn't have to open his intake for me to smell the highgrade.

"Hey to you to sweetspark. Just relax and join us." He says while wrapping an arm around my waist.

'Big mistake.'

I grab his wrist and throw it off me only to receive a smack to the aft. 'Now you've fucking done it.'

I ball up a fist and swing it as hard as I can against his faceplates, knocking him down and making him look up at me. I can see energon streaming down from his dermas and a dent where I had hit him.

"You've got some balls doing that. I'm done with this shit you're causing. You better start acting like a captain if you want to be 'famous'. And don't expect me to forgive you just yet for this." I spat at him, turning on my heel and walking to the one place I hope I could get some peace and quiet. The roof.

The people who were near Rodimus had stared at me in disbelief but the music kept on blaring the bolts out of the walls. The music was too loud for others to hear what I did, or they were just too intoxicated to give a shit.

"(Y/n) I'm sorry. I didn-"

"Fuck off Rodimus." I yelled at him, this time I started running.


I had reached the roof 10 minutes ago and let me tell you... this is the best 10 minutes of my life. No loud music, no drunk people and no fights; just silence and billions of stars that calms me down to the core.

'I hope it could be like this for a few days...' I think, closing my optics and letting a small smile settle on my face.

*Door opens*

'Me and my luck...' I think as a frown replaces the smile that was once on my face.

"What do you want?" I ask annoyed.

"No need to bite my helm off." Came the voice only a wrecker could have.

"Sorry Whirl. Thought you were lil' B." I apologize as I watch him sit down next to me.

"Why Lil'-... oh I see what ya did there." He says as a soft chuckle escapes him.

"I know right? But it is accurate." I say, a tiny laugh in my words.

"You don't get pissed off much but when you do, you do it almost as good as me." He says making confident hand gestures.

"Please I could of done better than that. I just don't wanted to knock him unconscious. How else would I have made a dramatic exit." I reply, rolling my eyes to put in some extra sass.

"Which reminds me. You don't like that music? What's wrong with it?" he asks, scooting a little closer to me.

"There's nothing wrong with it, it's just... too loud and hearing very loud music for three days is going make me deaf and to be honest... I would've probably killed everyone tomorrow if the music was still blasting the ship apart." I answer.

"Is it okay if I help?" he asks, leaning into my face.

My faceplates invite a small blush to appear but I manage to let it go unnoticed by Whirl.

"Sure Whirlybird." I say, a small smirk on my face.

"Call me that again and I might consider putting you on my shit list." He says, seriousness lacing every word.

"Whatever you say."

Unbeknownst to me, good ol' Whirlybird actually felt happy ,for the first time in a long time, at the nickname.



Whirl was walking down the silent halls of the Lost Light. It had been quiet ever since (Y/n) had sucker punched Rodimus for two things: being a drunk perverted retard and not turning the music down or off.

As Whirl walked by one of the doors he saw Rodimus.

"Hey Lil' B." He greeted rather friendly.

"Why dare I ask do you call me that?" Rodimus asked annoyed, still upset that Ultra Magnus banned him for throwing anymore parties.

Whirl leaned in, a few centimetres away from his audio-receptors and put on the most shit eating grin face and whispered, "'Cause you a little bitch."


I hope you guys liked it. Please leave a comment about what you think. Tomorrow (working by my time) it's a G1 Wheeljack x Hatchling reader. Also I'm sorry if Whirl is OOC.

Pretty much how you punched Lil' B

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Pretty much how you punched Lil' B.

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