Chapter 9

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Aylin was standing in the office of King, unsure of what he wanted from her. She couldn't imagine for a moment. But she was trying to calm herself down, like Quill suggested. That was proving to be a chore.

"You asked to see me, Majesty?"

Raising his head from his paperwork, he got a glimpse of the woman in front of him. She was wearing a loose fitting green sweater with one shoulder exposed, and black leggings, topped off my thick socks on her feet. Her hair was slightly messy, but it was perfect.

One thing he noticed was she had her head bowed in submission. Though that was protocol for others, Aylin was the exception to the rule. "Look at me, Aylin," he commanded, yet his voice was soft. Her gorgeous blue eyes met his, and his resolve was breaking.

Whipping her head up, her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. The King said her name, why did he do that? "Did I do something wrong, Majesty?"

Ignoring her question, he directed her to sit in one of the black leather chairs in front of his desk. "Please, sit." Taking the chair to the right, Aylin was still bewildered as to why she was in the King's office. "I understand that you've been spending some time with Quill, my brother."

"Your brother?"

"Yes. He never told you?"

"No, Majesty."

Ezekiel was slightly frustrated hearing those words, but knew it wasn't Aylin's fault. He was sure that Quill didn't want to have his name associated since she was so fragile. "It's not a big deal. I was just curious."

"He's been very kind to me, Majesty." Aylin wasn't sure if telling him that was such a good idea, but she wanted to be truthful. Lying would only lead to bad things for her. "I still don't understand why he didn't kill me when he found me in the woods."

Ezekiel knew exactly why, but she wasn't prepared yet. But he also was sure she knew already. Aylin was a werewolf, after all. Rather than bring up old wounds, he moved the conversation in a different direction. "You've been here for a few days already, and I know you haven't left your room much. I thought I would take you somewhere so you can occupy your mind." Nodding, Aylin agreed.

Departing the office, the two headed down the hall further, past his bedroom. There were two large double doors, similar to the doors to the throne room. Pushing the doors open, Aylin's eyes were met with nearly floor to ceiling bookshelves. Littered throughout the room were leather arm chairs. There was even a movable ladder for her to go as high as she wanted for a book, and on the higher level there was a metal walkway. Large windows circled the expansive room, the sun was shining in, making the room incredibly bright.

"This is the library. It doesn't get used much. My mother spent a great deal of time here." Ezekiel watched as Aylin ran her fingers over book spines. She was completely fascinated with the room; that made him happy. "You're welcome to come here anytime you want."

Emotions overtook Aylin, and she had no idea what to say. Never before had anyone been so nice to her. Not since her parents passed away. Certainly, not her old pack. Feeling the spines of the books under her fingertips made her feel an indescribable amount of joy. Pausing, something had to come out of her mouth. "I don't think I can thank you enough for this, Majesty."

He chuckled lightly. "How about we make a deal?" Cocking her head to the side, she waited for him to continue. "You can call me Zeke, but only when we are together. But there is a condition."

"Which is?"

"You have to get stronger."

Aylin was slightly taken aback by his words. Why would he want her to get stronger? There had to be some kind of ulterior motive to his actions. Was he going to sell her? Panic settled in for a moment, and wrapped her arms around herself. "I don't know if I can."

"When was the last time you communicated with your wolf?"

"That day in the throne room."

"What's her name?"


"Don't you think that eventually Kaia will need to stretch her legs. Besides, you're entirely too skinny. I can see your bones."

Dropping her head, Aylin felt as though he was judging her. She didn't want to eat because she didn't want to live anymore. Though Audrey had brought her breakfast, she didn't eat much of it. After a few bites, she was nauseated anyway. "I'm sorry, Majesty."

Ezekiel heard her voice waver. "Please don't take that a criticism. Take it as a concern." Holding herself tighter, he kicked himself for saying what he did. One question popped into his head, and he had to ask it. "What happened to you before you came here?"

Raising her head, those beautiful blue eyes held tears. "I-I was rejected by my mate!" she cried.

Before he could make a move toward her, Aylin took off around him out of the library and down the hall. All he could do was watch her disappearing form. Now it all made sense. Why she didn't want to live anymore. Why she had no regard for her health. All of it. What kind of a werewolf wouldn't want her? There wasn't one thing wrong with her.

Aylin's feet carried her all the way to her bedroom, remembering all the turns. Right before she tore her bedroom door open, two strong arms wrapped around her. No spark; Quill.

"Let me go!" she begged.

She struggled against his hold, but he only held her tighter. "Take it easy, Aylin." Finally, she gave up the fight, and he picked her up. Kicking her door open, he placed her on the bed. "What happened? Did Ezekiel hurt you?" Anger seemed to rise into his chest, going straight to his eyes, which darkened.

"No," she sniffled, "it wasn't anything the King did."

"Then what is it?" he asked, smoothing the hair away from her face.

"I-I can't tell you."

"I promise I won't tell anyone."

Bringing her knees up to her chest, she contemplated for a moment, as she wiped the tears from her face. "The reason I left my old pack is because I was rejected by my mate."

Quill's eyes darkened even further, but he calmed himself seeing how Aylin was reacting. Kneeling in front of her, he cupped her cheek. "Then he was an idiot--" An ear piercing growl came from behind the warrior. Quill accidentally left the door open, and Ezekiel saw him touching Aylin.

Ezekiel's eyes were pitch black, his muscles tense, fists clenched. Putting his hands up in defense, he tried to diffuse the situation. "Wait, Zeke. Let me explain--"

Lunging at Quill, Ezekiel was prepared to show him no mercy. Quill should have known better than to touch what was his. Landing a punch directly to his face, Quill fell back onto the bed. Aylin scrambled away before he hit.

She watched in horror as Ezekiel and Quill were fighting in her room. Quill was taking the brunt of the damage. It needed to be stopped, but how? There was only one thing that would stop an angry King. Ezekiel was holding onto Quill's collar and was about to land another blow to his face, when she raced over and put her hands on his arm, stopping him immediately.

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