Chapter 10

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Last time on "The Lawyer ":

I pushed the glass doors open with Chris still behind me and at that very same moment the chair that was behind the desk in the very middle of the office turned around and revealed a familiar grin, a familiar pair of deep blue eyes ,so mainly a very handsome man that I surprisingly most certainly know.
I couldn't believe my eyes... It was....



Bree's P.O.V:
Not him again...

Sin's  P.O.V

Bree's P.O.V:
I tear my gaze away from Sin's and look behind me only to see a really pissed off Chris.

Chris's P.O.V:
Why are they starting at each other? Do they know each other or somethin'?
Better find out.

Bree's P.O.V:
C:" Do you guys know each other?"
He asked jealously.
B:" Not really."
S:" Yeah. Now moving on, I assume you're hear today to divorce this guy?"
Sin said pointing towards Chris.
B:" That's right."
C:" No Bree, please don't divorce me!! You know how much I love you!!"😭😭
How pathetic, I can't believe he's saying that.
B:" If you really did love me, you wouldn't have cheated on me; And with my sister nonetheless. "
C:" Bu-"
S:" Chris was is? Here's some advice buddy. Stay away from Miss Bree here and don't come near her. You made the mistake of cheating on her so now accept your punishment."
Chris went silent after that.

~1 hour later~

Everything went great during the meeting and  we agreed on everything that 's going to be shared.
The last thing left was to sign the papers. I urged Chris to sign them first.  After he finished signing, I made my way towards the desk and as I was signing, Sin passed me a note.
I carefully opened it and made sure Chris wasn't looking. The note said:

Send Chris back to his house and stay here I wanna talk to you. Make your way out of the building and tell him get a taxi, get into your care and come back when he's gone.


After I was done signing the divorce papers, I thanked Sin for his help and me and Chris stepped out of his office.  While we where making our way towards the parking lot, Chris said something that really pissed me off but broke my heart a little.
C:" You know that I didn't mean to cheat on you, I love you so much." He said with a sad expression on his face.
I stopped and looked at him dead in the eyes.
B:" You can't cheat on someone without purpose... You make the choice of cheating on them, and if you really loved them you wouldn't have cheaten on them. I guess you didn't really love me anymore."
I said, every word breaking me bit by bit.
C:" But Bre-"
I started walking again leaving him behind me, but he quickly catched up to me after he snapped himself out of his thoughts.
B:" I won't drive you back to your house,  so you better find a way to get back."
C:" Wait, why aren-"
B:" Because I'm busy and I don't want to, so call a taxi or something."
We where now standing in the entrance of the parking lot. I started walking towards the direction of my car.
C:" Okay, I guess. Excuse me then."
He said with sadness and guilt written all over his face. He looked like he was about  to cry. But I didn't care, he made a really big mistake that I am not ready to forgive. I was now standing next to my  car waiting for him to get in a taxi.  After a few minutes of waiting he was finally gone so I made my way back into the building.
Sin was waiting for me while he was talking to Lilly. I walked up to them.
B:" Hey guys ."
L:" Hey Bree!! So how was it?"
B:" It went pretty well, I'm just glad I left he sorry ass."
L:" That's good to hear."
S:" Am I invisible or something?"
B:" Oh yeah Sin. Why did you ask me to stay?"
S:" You'll find out soon, just come with me."
He said while he grabbed my wrist and started pulling me out of the building.
B:" Wait! Don't you have work?"
S:" I have the rest of the day off so you're gonna come with me and we're going to have fun!!"
B:" Okay, I guess."
I find myself infront of his car
B:" So where are we going?"
S:" I told you, you'll find out soon."
B:" But I wanna know nowwww!"
I said with a pouty face.
S:" No."
He said while turning his head in the other direction so he wouldn't see my pouty face.
B:" Fine."

○1 hour later○

It's been over an hour and we're still on the road heading off tho who knows where.
B:" Are you going to kill me?"
S:" What!? NO."
B:" Then where are you taking me?"
S:" 5 more minutes and you'll find out."
5 minutes past  by really quickly as Sin pulled into the parking lot of a dinner that had a really comfortable vibe to it.
We stepped out of the care and walked up to the dinner. When we entered, a woman that looked in her early forties instantly greeted Sin with a warm smile and hug. The unknow Lady then turned towards me and examined me from head to tow. An small smile fell onto her lips.
?:" Bringing girls with you now, Sin?"😏
S:" Hannah!"
Ohh so her name is Hannah.
Aww, Sin is blushing😂
B:" Hello, I'm Bree. It's nice to meet you ma'am."
H:" Oh please, call me Hannah; ma'am makes me feel old. "
S:" That's because you are old."
H:" What did you say -_-?"
S:" Nothing._."
H:" -_-"
S:" -.-"
H:" Okay then, moving on, choose any booth you would like and I'll be back shortly to take your order. "
B:" Okay."
We sat ourselves at the booth in the far back.

Hannah came 5 minutes later and took our orders. All throughout lunch, we talked about ourselves and about random things, threw some corny jokes here and there and we laughed so hard. It was now 6 PM, we split the bill in half after Arguing with Sin that I should pay too. We where heading back and I remembered that my car is still infront of the lawyer firm and that tonight  i'm also staying over at Sin's. I better call Iso when I get back.
We finally arrived at his apartment at 7PM and we just showered and stayed up to like 1 AM talking about his Job and how he became a lawyer and I told him every thing that happend between us in detail. We fell asleep again in each other's arms.


Sorry for such a late update but sometimes i really dont have the time. My friend is always telling me to update but sometimes i really cant. I got to her place and we would come up with the funniest scenarios of what will happen further into the story. So its like thes chapters are gonna be a bit boring but the one after them withh be really funny trust me. Like w legit have recorded 3 voices each one of 10 minutes of what will happen in the chapters that will come after i release 3.
Sorry again.



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