Chapter Forty-Eight: Fay

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This was getting us nowhere. Obviously they didn’t know where it was, and Keary and I had a pretty good idea as to where the ring was actually hidden. Time to take matters into my own hands.

“Keary. We need to find that ring soon. This is the time to get it. The king won’t be expecting us to come for it, and he will be busy trying to locate his daughter,” I urged him. “Now is the time.”

Keary looked a little uncertain. “What will we do with them?”

I rolled my eyes. “The best choice would be to kill them.” A devious grin spread across my face. “Or, we could tell the king where she is. That would draw him and most of his men out, and then we have time to go in the castle and find the ring. After that,” I said, running along with my plan, and enhancing it, “we will get our revenge on him, then Bloody-Hand.”

Keary sighed. “Alright. Might as well try it, seeing as this is getting us nowhere.”

I turned my back on Keary and frowned. Why did he seem so reluctant when the ring was almost within our grasp? Something didn’t add up. I checked my knives to make sure they were razor sharp, then slipped them back in. I made sure to cover my arms and legs, seeing as most people know who I am.

“I’ll be back,” I said, and took my horse, heading out of the cave. It was night already, and I mounted my chestnut horse, beginning my long journey to the castle.

Half an hour later, I rode off of the rocky terrain, and urged my horse from a careful walk into a canter.

I cantered for awhile, then I reigned in my horse, and listened. I heard a group of people talking up ahead, and I slid off of my horse. I brought her farther into the woods, out of sight of the road. Slowly, I crawled closer to the road, but hid behind a thick tree. The closer they got, the more I could understand what they were saying. They were talking about where they might find the princess. Obviously, they were soldiers that the king had sent out to find her, not daring to go himself. Smart king.

After a few minutes, they rode into view. I estimated that there were about fifteen or twenty in the group. If they were even trying to listen for the sound of someone possibly being by them. They failed miserably.

When they finally rode out of sight, I crawled backwards to find my horse. She was right where I left her, so I untied her, and swung up in the saddle. I led her back onto the path, and pushed her into a faster trot, determined to put as much distance between me and those soldiers.

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Fay - Aris

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