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(Olivia's POV)


I turn off my alarm and look at the time. 7:00, great. Rubbing the sleep away from my eyes I check my phone.

Louis: Good morning beautiful Have a good day at the studio! Don't forget about dress shopping tonight with the girls! Love ya!

I smile and reply.

Me: Good morning I won't forget about dress shopping! Love you more! ;)

I head to the bathroom and head into the shower. Once I'm done I turn off the shower and dry off. I walk to my closet and try to pick out a comfy outfit to rehearse in. I decide to wear my favorite pair of joggers. They're grey and have a cute design on the left leg. For my top I chose a black crop top that says "Urban Hippie" in white. I also put on black nike hightops to match. 

'I guess I should put on a little make up,' I think to myself.

I put on foundation, black eyeliner, and mascara. I then feel my hair, dry. I just let it stay natural, which is wavy, and grab a black snapback.

Tina (one of the background dancers): Hey girl! Be at the studio by 9:30. We should be done by 12:00, is that cool with you?

I look at my clock, 9:00. I reply.

Me: That's fine :) I won't be late....leaving now!

I grab my phone and keys and head down stairs. I grab some coffee and head out the door.

(At the studio)

I walk into the studio exactly at 9:30.

"You're here!" Tina says when I walk in.

"Hey, how are you guys?" I ask all my back up dancers.


"That's good."

"I hear you have a new boy in your life?" Tina asks

I let out a nervous giggle, "Yeah, Louis Tomlinson."

"That's amazing! We need details like now."

Just then Shawn, my choreographer, walks the door.

"Shawn!" I yell and run towards him. He embraces me in a hug. Shawn is the fatherly figure in my life. He's always here for me, even through tough times. Plus, he's gay, and has an amazing fashion since.

"Olivia, How are you love? I love your outfit! And I hear your seeing the Louis Tomlinson?" I laugh.

"Thank you! And yes, I am!" He smiles

"I am so happy for you!"

"Thank you."

He nods and starts, "Ok girls, we have some work to do, let's start!"

(End of rehearsals)

"Thank you girls! I'll let you know when our next rehersal is." Shawn says. I smile and wave bye. I head to my car and check my phone.

Kayla: Hey sis! So we're all meeting Perrie and Sophia at this gown store at back by 1:45 at the latest so we can leave together. :)

I reply.

Me: Ok, be home soon!

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