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R2__D2 is to blame for this. So you will read the whole thing, Robin

(btw I'm really not trying to bash on the story

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(btw I'm really not trying to bash on the story. It's not bad ("it's not a bad dick" (Sorry I had to)). Just because I don't particularly enjoy these types of stories doesn't mean you should stop writing and reading them if you want to. Ok? :3)

Chapter one: "hi I like you" *kisses*. A lot of kisses. And it's rushed. And it's all in one paragraph

Chapter two: picnic. strawberries. really OOC Mephisto. Like seriously really really out of character. You don't even need to see a whole episode to see how out of character he is. Why am I doing this to myself?

Chapter three: secret relationship. roses. "Maybe we should tell them" Pam Pam Pam...!!

Chapter four: they tell everyone at the smoothie place. Auriana happy. Praxina appears. "Gramorr will be happy to hear about this" Pam Pam Pam ...!!!

Chapter fine: "ugh why can't you be happy for me, sister?".  reader crying of happiness. "Can I stay with you? Cause my sister hates me now."

Chapter six: "ok you can stay with us" "Yayyy". a lot of hugs

I don't like "x reader" stories why do I do this to myself

Chapter seven: "oh no! we don't have a spare room! what ever shall we do?"
"I can sleep on the couch"
"no I can't do that to you"
"I guess we'll sleep in the same bed" *smirk* (they wrote that it's not going to happen and I'm thankful because a) stRaIGhT sMuT eWwW b) no just no. it's a cartoon aimed towards kids. no smut about cartoons for kids, ok?)

Chapter eight: reader wakes up. Mephisto is hugging reader. "oh you woke me up. now you have to snuggle with me all day". they watch a movie

I don't even know why I'm ranting to you about this. It's not THAT bad. It's just rushed and I don't like x reader stories. I'm sure you don't care about the story
Oh well. I will continue to tell you about it.

• Horror movie: jump scare. "I don't like horror movies". snuggles
• Fantasy: he stares at reader. kiss
• Comedy: they watch a comedy. he falls asleep. reader pranks him with whipped cream. he goes to the bathroom to clean. reader waits for him to get out of the bathroom and smacks him with more whipped cream

Chapter nine: they go and eat after the movie. he plans to take reader in a date

Remember: Robin Is to blame for this

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