My eyes fluttered open as the sound of a car horn blared throughout the room. I looked down at my tear-stained pillow and groaned. 
"Why did I have to risk giving my heart to a boy who was bound to find his mate sooner or later?" I whispered into the thin air knowing I would get no response. 
About four days ago, my 'boyfriend' pulled me out of lunch to tell me he 'forgot' to tell me he found his mate a week ago! Like seriously, who does that? 
I simply told him he was a arrogant jerk that doesn’t deserve a mate. Oh, and to stay away from me and my friends. When I told Lisa, man I've never seen somebody so mad before! 


"You're meaning to tell me that when Kevin pulled you out of lunch, he didn't ask you to prom?" Lisa smoothed down her curly blonde hair and turned to me with wide eyes. 

Why hadn't I seen it before? Kevin had been drifting away for weeks. We stopped going on our weekly Friday night dates, I stopped getting my goodnight texts, and he even ditched me on our 2-year anniversary. We barely even talked anymore. "No. He kinda came to tell me that he forgot to tell me he found his mate. Some chick named-"

"WHAT?! That jerk! That lying, inconsiderate, filthy pig! I'm gonna make that piece of trash wish he was never born. NEVER!" Lisa screamed at the top of her lungs, and started walking towards the door." You coming?" I could already tell the woman had flown off the handle. She was just mentally insane! 

“No I’m not coming! He may be a ditzy jerk, but I’m not about to have my best friend taken to jail because she beat up an idiot that I once loved. Come on Lis. I don’t need him. Plus… he still must think I’m a little hot. He must still love me a little. Why not make him jealous?”

*End of flashback*

Since I made that suggestion about making him jealous to Lis (pronounced as lease), she decided that today would be a girls’ day. Which means shopping, manicures, pedicures, getting our hair done, update our facebooks, go to the movies, and have a sleepover.

For the shopping trip, I put together a chevron stripe crop top and a pink champagne scuba mini skirt tied together with zipper-trim nubuck heel boots. Definitely a good step towards making him jealous. My beeped signaling a text message.

Hurry up. I’m waiting outside – Lisa

Okay okay! Im on my way lol – Me


K – Me

I ran down the stair and into the kitchen to grab a bagel. My brother was sitting on the island staring down our dog. I silently chuckled to myself, but with werewolf hearing Devon turned around and glared at me.

“I don’t know how you could possibly be a year older than me. You act like a little kid.” I shook my head in disbelief.

“He stole my waffle! He’s lucky I’m not an alpha or I’d chop his head off!” Dev said as if somehow that explains why he was staring down a dog.

I rolled my eyes and waked out of the kitchen and outside. “ You’re a werewolf. He’s a dog. Get over it. “

“Took you long enough. Get in the car.” Lis unlocked her car and we got in heading to the mall. I looked out the window and noticed a Dunkin Donuts, a Starbuck, a IHOP, and a McDonalds. God. What’s our country coming to? A bunch of fat people and werewolf’s. Thank god the humans don’t know about us! Then, our pack couldn’t make fun of the stupid movies people come up with. “ Here!”

We got out of the car and practically raced each other to the nearest store, which happened to be Charlotte Ruse. We browsed through racks and racks of clothing before trying on a ton of clothes. We went to almost every store in the mall before going to the food court.

My wolf began to become on edge as we neared the food court. She was practically screaming at me to hurry up, but I had WAY to many clothes to hurry.  As we entered the food court I bumped into someone, sending sparks throughout my body, and also sending my bags across the floor.

We looked up at each other and I instantly got lost in his eyes. Nothing mattered to me at the moment. I found my mate, and MAN was he hot. Not more than 2 minutes later, one of his buddies came to his side and slapped him in the side of his head.

“Dude, Alec. Stop staring at the pretty girl and get up. I take it you still want pizza right?” Some guy I recognized as Ryan Green said smirking. He’s the soon to be Beta of our pack. Alec, my mate shook his head and got up, extending his hand to help me up. When our hands touch the sparks sent shivers throughout my body.

“I’m Alec Mo. You are?”

“I know who you are dumb ass. You're soon to be alpha of our pack. I'm Jessica Waters, and that’s Lisa Monroe." We stared at each other for a bit more while the other two pick up all the bags.

"Do you? I don't know. Want to sit with us at our table?"  Alec smirked at me as if saying 'I know you want to!'  He wants to play games? I can play games to!

"I don't see why I should, I mean, you did knock me down and send my bags flying everywhere. So... Nah, I'll pass!" I turned around leaving lisa to carry all my bags and went to get pizza, swaying my hips seductively. I heard Alec groan as he ran to me and pinned me to the wall placing his lips on mine. At first, I was too shocked to respond but then I gave in, our lips moving in sync. Then, he pulled away, smirking at me. 

"And she an amazing kisser too?" He looked about ready to do the happy dance. I was about to pull him back in for another heated kiss, but then Lisa stood next to Alec, glaring at me.


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