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"Are you ready?" I ask Jay who's standing in front of me on the ring.
"Please, this'll be a piece of cake" He scuffs. As he gets into position, I could tell his form is pretty weak and he's going to need a lot of help.
Once he hears the bell ding, he lunges at me, attempting to punch. I swiftly move away to the side with my hands behind my back.

Once he hits one of the ropes in the ring, he bounces back to me trying to punch me, this time he was faster. Before his fist came to contact with me, I grabbed him, twisting his wrist and pushing  him backwards.

He backs up a bit looking at me with frustration.
Once again, he lunges towards me. But this time, I take him by the arm, flipping him on the floor. I could hear everyone that was on the outside of the ring cheering me on.
"See me and you are pretty different" I comment looking at him on the floor.

"Me for instance, I'm a gang leader" I add as he forces himself up.
"You, are a narcissist"
"And your a girl who doesn't know what the fuck she's doing" he spits lifting his leg up to kick me.
"Maybe your right" I shrug catching his foot.
"Maybe I don't know what I'm doing keeping you alive right now." I reply twisting his leg as he falls once again.

"Normally, I would kill the first person who dares to cross me"
"Oh please, I'd like to see you try" he seethes.
"Is that a threat Mr.Matthews?"
"It's a request" He smug's, and with that, I land a cold punch in his face. He collapses on the floor shooting curse words under his breath as blood start dripping out his nose.
"And If you ever disrespect me again.... Well why don't you ask those who have" I whisper before walking away.
"And who are those people?" He asks.
"I don't know, they never lived to give me a name" I return continuing my way out the ring.


"You know I'm staying the night" Cole announces as he leans against my bathroom door frame with his hands in his pocket. He's really getting too comfortable with this habit of his.
"I don't think so" I reply fixing my hair into a braid.
"I wasn't asking permission" he answers approaching me.
"You dont have to. It's still a no" I snap.
I could feel him wrapping around my torso from behind me, placing his head on my shoulder.

"Stop, your distracting me" I demand.
"Well that's too bad now is it?" He asks planting soft kisses on my neck. Me being the hormonal 19 year old that I am, I tilted my head allowing his more access. A smirk starts to form on his lips as he lets go of me.

"And you say you don't don't want me" he sighs shaking his head.
"I don't" I declare pushing him out the way before Leaving the bathroom.
As I was walking to my bed, I felt a burning sensation on my Butt cheek.
"What the hell Cole!" I spit turning around to him. He had a dumbfounded expression that was replaced by a small smirk pretty soon.

"Hey that was on you. You can't wear those shorts and not expect me to do anything." He admits bitting his lips while eyeing my down.
"You know what? I don't even have time for you tonight. I'm going to bed" I exhaust making my way to the mattress.

"Awww baby don't be mad" Cole pouted sitting next to me on the bed.
"Goodnight" I grump turning off the light.
I quickly find comfort in the bed and cuddle myself under the blanket.
Cole on the other hand, had other plans.
He tries to spoon me, but I elbowed him in the gut, forcing his back. I could feel a big dip beside me as Cole hung over me.

"Move Stone" I demand. But knowing him he doesn't listen. "I wonder what would happen if I tickle you, again" he mumbled. "Dont you dare" I threaten looking up at him under the moonlight radiating from my window. His hands reach towards my gut but before he could touch me, I took him by the hands.

"Your mine" he whispered smirking down at me. "Never, Stone" I smirked. Tightening his grip on my hands, I feel them being held over my head.
Soon, his face come hovering over my own, his breath light as his lips brush on my own.
Just for a tease, I press my lips into a flat line so he won't be able to kiss me.

"Stop it" he demands.
I shake my head lightly. One of his hands lets go of my hands as the other replaces it, holding down both of my hands.
His free hand grips the sides of my jaw, forcing my lips free. Once he lets go of my face, he placing his hands back on mine, and puts his lips onto mine.

They were soft, gentle. I won't lie, I liked it, but I would never admit it to him.
His grip loosens from my hands as he makes his way around my lower back. My arms wrapped around his neck making my way to his hair.
Pressing his tongue on my lip, he asks for permission, and I granted it.

Why can't I stop? I don't know why my body is responding to my brain.
My fingers tangle in his hair, tugging it a bit. I could swear I heard him moan.
I smirk lightly at his moan which causes him to try to get payback. I could feel a pinch on my bottom lip as he pulled it back.

Making his way to my neck, I could feel him planting soft kisses on me. I didn't want him to give me any hickies because well.... he isn't my boyfriend, yet.
Yes I might be considering getting myself out there. God I sound like a divorced mom.

"I was so close" He mocked.
"To?" I ask letting go of him.
"Finding your sweet spot" I reply.
"Good luck with that" I scuff
"Won't need it Baby girl" I smirked.

"Your mine, just informing you" He added embracing me in a hug.
"Yeah okay, good luck with that" I replied.
"You think I'm playing, I'm serious" He returned.
"Goodnight baby boy" I whispered kissing his cheek.

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