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My dad sat me and my siblings down in the living room. He was pacing back and forth in front of us. No one knew what was going on.

"So, I have something I need to talk about with you guys." He said. We all nodded. He glanced at us. "Are you nervous?" He asked. He laughed when he got no response.

"Don't be nervous." He said. We nodded. "So I have to go to Europe for a week." He said. I frowned and looked at the floor. Just when things were starting to go good.

"Aannd I'm taking you all with me." He said. I snapped my head up. "Really?" I asked. He nodded, smiling. "We're going in a family vacation." He said. I smiled and stood up to hug him.

Later that day Josh came over and I told him about the trip. He was sad. "I don't want you to go though." He whined. I giggled as he flopped backwards onto my bed. "Who will I cuddle?" He asked. "Take one of the pillows off my bed." I said.

He turned and grabbed one, hugging it tightly. I smiled, continuing to pack my bag. We leave tomorrow.

Josh helped me pack the rest of my items then we laid down for a while. Somehow Josh ended up with his hand in my underwear, lazily jerking me off while we cuddled.

I bit my lip, my hips bucking. "M-more Josh, please." I begged. He smirked and sat up. He carefully slid off my panties and other clothes, throwing them on the floor.

He grabbed me by the waist and flipped me over, flat on my stomach. I immediately got up, getting on my knees and elbows, arching my back towards him.

"Look at that I didn't even have to tell you." He said grabbing my ass and gently massaging the pudgy flesh. I whined.

He spread my cheeks apart and I felt his tongue lick over my hole unexpectedly. I let out A loud broken moan. "Shh baby there's people home." Josh whispered.

I bit my lip harshly, gripping the sheets as he started eating me out. I let out soft whimpers, trying my best to stay quiet. His tongue dipped in and out of my entrance while his hands continued to massage my cheeks.

"Mm- fuck." I moaned, pushing my ass back slightly. He growled causing me to whine. He stuck his finger in alongside his tongue, twisting and pumping it in and out.

"Oh god, fuck, Josh" I moaned, bitting in my arm. He really knew what the fuck he was doing. Holy shit.

He removed his finger, sticking his tongue in as far as he could and wiggling it around. "Oh shit." I moaned, pre-cum dripping down to the sheets underneath me. He smacked my ass, sliding his finger back in and taking his mouth away.

He leant over me, pressing his chest to my back. I was a whimpering mess, my fists death gripping the sheets. "Are you getting close?" He whispered, attaching his lips to my neck.

"Mhm." I nodded. I felt him smirk against my skin, adding a second finger and scissoring. "Mmphf-" I bit my arm muffling my moans.

He angled his fingers upwards pressing them into my prostate, gently rubbing circles. I jolted forward, moaning way too loud. My family could No doubt hear me.

"Shh baby." He whispered, dropping his other hand down to wrap around my cock. I bucked my hips into his hand, whining. He jacked me off in time with his fingers.

He swiped his thumb over my slit and pressed his fingers into my prostate causing me to cum hard and unexpectedly. My jaw slack I let out a loud moan, it could be classified as a scream, cumming all over my bed sheets and Josh's hand.

He coaxed me through my orgasm before slowly pulling out his fingers. I collapsed face first onto the bed, panting.

"Jesus fucking Christ what are you like a sex god or some shit what the fuck?" I asked. He smirked. "God, you really know what your doing the fuck?" I panted. He just chuckled.

"Alright come on you need to get cleaned up." He said. "No I just wanna lay here... I think you killed me." I said. He laughed. "I would love to let you just lay there but you're laying in your cum and you need to get cleaned." He said.

He picked me up, taking me into my bathroom on the other side of the room.

He set me on the counter then went over to the tub, turning on the water. When he deemed it the right temperature he put the plug in letting it fill.

He walked back over to me, cupping my jaw, caressing my cheek with his thumb. I smiled sleepily at him. He smiled back, leaning in to kiss me.

"I'm gonna miss you" he said when he pulled away. "I'm gonna miss you too." I said. He carried me over to the tub once it filled and gently set me in it.

He carefully washed the cum and sweat off me, I closed my eyes, relaxing into the warm water.

(Oooofff. So that happened.~max)

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