How does it feel now

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Y/N Pov:
"Does it always have to be like this? Me hiding? People thinking that you are straight?" I pinched the bridge of my nose getting frustrated as my girlfriend is doing another pr stunt with a basketball player. "Babe you know i don't mean to do this. Its not my decision you know that." She took a few steps and hugged me. "Please understand." She mumbles. I slowly took a deep breath and said, "okay fine.. just do whatever you want." With that i freed myself from her arms and left to go for a run to just clear my mind. I am happy. Happy about my relationship with her but its just tiring to know that i have to be her  friend to the public eye. And the worst part is it hurts to know that she isn't trying to do anything and fighting for us.

I had plan a special dinner just for the both of us since I haven't seen her for a month cause i'm working on my upcoming album and Kendall well she had her stuff to do. And obviously I should had seen this coming. Of course she had to cancel on me last minute cause her manager had just decided to put another stunt for her and she told me that she cant get out of it. I was so mad. After all the work i have put in just so that we can have a private dinner especially since we can be seen outside together. She just had to blew it off.

Kendall Pov:
I know this isn't right. And honestly i am scared. Scared about what people might think. "I hurt her that bad huh" i thought to myself. I tired calling her and texting her but she just won't answer. She is just that stubborn.

The pr stunts did happen. I was out with a guy named Blake. We were seen out having fun laughing but deep inside i was missing my other half, Y/N. Now, again I'm out with him for a simple lunch date. "So you are coming for the match this weekend?" I heard him ask. "Ya I'm supposed to aren't I." I said. "Okay great cant wait to see you there!" He said excitedly. Blake didn't know that i was seeing someone as you can tell my manager wanted me to keep my straight image. I hated this hiding my relationship but i really have no say in this. And as for Y/N it has been three days seen we talked to each other. It hurts me to see her like this and her not talking to really isn't helping me. As the night went on, Blake and I just had a feel small talks here and there and just went back home.

Y/n Pov:
"Y/n just the person i was looking for." My friend/ manager came in. I was just in the studio making a few new songs and also music help me feel better after that fight, if you remember, i had with kendall. "Scott! Hey hi what brings you to the studio so late." I walked over to him taking a sit on my chair. "So Taylor hill's manager just called, and they want the both of you to do a pr stunt together just like for a month cause..," before he could even continue I interrupted him. "Wait what?!? Why do i have to do a pr stunt now!" I was upset i hated doing this kind of stuff as it has cause great damage to mine and kendall's relationship. "Y/n its good for both sides. Its a win-win situation here. Look you are dropping your new album, Taylor is dropping her new collections of jeans so it will help." He looked at me telling me calmly as he know that I'm about to flip. "But you know what pr stunt did to my relationship. I have not talk to my girlfriend for three days now." I stood up walking up and down the studio. "I know y/n but you got to trust me in this it really helps." After much persuasion, i gave in to Scott's plans. Now I'm not sure if I should let Kendall know about this.

I went back to my house still debating whether to tell my girlfriend about the this situation. Why am I feeling bad for doing this when she did not even care about my feeling when she did that stunt with the stupid basketball player. Its decided then. I am not going to tell her. I wonder how she will feel about my pr stunt with Taylor.

A few days later.....

My manager told me that i have to go to Shawn Mendes party since they will be a lot of musician and famous people there. And of cause i have to go with my fake girlfriend Taylor. No doubt Kendall would be there since it was her best friend's boyfriend's birthday. Kendall and I haven't really talk since that day. Just a few text messages between us about her going out and doing stuff with her girl pals.

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