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Y/n's POV :
"What did she tell you?" Jihoon asked, "It's nothing." You sighed, "Don't bother."

"Did she thr- AAHH!" You stepped on Eunbi's foot before she could finish her sentence.

"She what?" Jaehwan squinted his eyes at the two of you, "It's nothing,"
You said. "Are you sure? It looks like something's bother-" you rolled your eyes and stood up.

"Just mind your own business." You spatted at them, before leaving.


Jihoon's POV :
"What's with her?" I mumbled under my breath, staring at Y/n who was walking towards the door.

"What's her problem?" Guanlin said while taking a bite from his apple.

"I'm just going to check on Y/n." I said before standing up and followed Y/n.

"Y/n!" I called for her attention, she was in the rooftop, staring into the clouds.

"Jihoon? What are you doing here?" She asked me, "I was worried about you." I smiled at her, she blushed. It looks so cute, she's so cute.

"W-What? What do you mean?" She innocently asked, looking down at her shoes.

I laughed at her in response, she looked so adorable right now.

"I was worried." I approached her.

"Why?" She asked again.

"I don't know, I just feel worried that you might do something stupid." I stared at her.

"Hey! I won't!" She yelled defensively.

I chuckled, "We should go. Our teacher might get mad at us." I said, she looked at me with a small smile on her face. "Thank you, Jihoon."


Y/n's POV :
The teacher was discussing about 'who-knows-what' in front. Meanwhile, the whole class was asleep, if not; they were probably imagining things outside of school.

Like you, instead of listening to the teacher, you kept on thinking about what Jihoon had said to you earlier. He's worried about me? Why? Was that his real answer?

You were confused by Jihoon's actions. He was being caring, too caring.

Not to say that you didn't like it. You absolutely loved the feeling of someone finally cares for you, excluding your closest friends of course.

"Uh, Y/n?" Someone called for your attention, you turned to the person who called for you. It was Guanlin.


"Did you listen to what Sir said?"


"We're going to have a long quiz tomorrow about what he discussed earlier."

"He- WHAT?!" You screeched, oh no. Your hand made contact with your forehead, "Shit." You cursed under your breath.

"What were you even thinking about for the past hour?"

"None of your business."


Guanlin's POV :
"Ah. Finally, we can go home." I groaned while stretching my arms. "Guanlin-ah, do you have any plans after school?" Sejeong suddenly popped up in front of me. "Uh, sleep?"

"Do you maybe uh, want to go on a date?"

"I, uh-"

"Y/n!" My head suddenly turned and saw Jihoon approaching Y/n. Again?

"Are you free today?" Jihoon asked Y/n. I rolled my eyes, "Yeah sure. I'll go." I gave Sejeong a half-hearted smile.

Maybe going on a date with Sejeong will take my mind off Y/n.


Y/n's POV :
You and Jihoon were walking side by side, exchanging stories that has happened to the both of you in the past years.

"Wanna go and sit there first?" Jihoon asked me, pointing at a bench in the park.

You nodded and sat down on the bench, Jihoon following in suit.

"So, Y/n."

"Yes, Jihoon?"

"Do you have any guy that you like?" He suddenly asked, "Me? Well, no."

"How about you?"

"Yeah, I do."

Your heart sunk at his reply, why though? You never saw Jihoon in that way, or did you?

You shook your head at the thought, "Who is she?" You asked him with a smile, "Don't be mad if I'll tell you."

"I won't."

"You promise?"

"I promise."

"Okay then," he took a deep breath, facing you.

"I like you, Y/n."

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