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This book is purely fictional

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This book is purely fictional. It's based on Netflix's show Godless and I do not own some of the characters or some of the lines the characters use. I do, however, own the plot and everything that is written in this fic, so please don't steal anything!

It's set in the american old west, so I've guessed that it's around 1880. Though, this book may not be very realistic. The characters may not speak the way the people did back then and I might have described some things wrong. This fic is mostly based on the show Godless and I've tried my best to describe it the way it looks in the show.

Newt and Thomas belong to James Dashner. The other characters belong to Netflix and the creators of Godless. Newt is basically Whitey Winn, but I changed his name to Newt instead.

I truly hope you'll enjoy reading this fic. I'm very excited to publish it and to see what you think of it! Thank you for all the love and support and feedback!

If you haven't watched Godless, it's really good and I recommend it, but don't worry, you can still read this fic even if you haven't :)
If anything is confusing, just comment or message me and I'll try to explain!

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