The secret is out... Again

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That howl. Why on earth does that howl always come at the worst times!? First when Stripe can show Asher a piece of her mind. Ha ha piece! That's cute. I WOULD HAVE SHOWED HIM A CHU- ok Stripe. No one wants to hear your murderous, twisted thoughts. And now as two of my family find the other half of their soul. You probably have no clue what I'm talking about. Wel-

"We are under attack guys stop staring to each other's eyes!" I shouted. Clicking my fingers, a gym outfit appeared on me. "Sis, we are going into a fight with 5-6 ft wolves and you dress like you're going to the gym!" Lunar shouted at me amd I rolled my eyes. "You do know I'm still 1000 years older than you." I mumbled and she laughed. "Just be safe, yeah?" She hugged me. I hugged back but said, "Oh and ha its not really that important but I am kinda the moon goddess. I mean it is irrelevant and doesn't improve my skills at all." And she laughed again. "Go!"

"Why do you always attack this pack!?" I whined at the rouge who looked very shocked at the fact that I wasn't running for my life screaming like a four year old. I knew this was- well was MEANT to be an ambush attack but I kinda ruined it because I know there at hundreds of rouges hiding in the trees and bushes. They don't know that I know though. You never know. They might know that you think that they don't know that you know! What!? I SAID, they might know tha- I heard what you said you moron I just couldn't comprehend it! Ha! Overwhelmed by my intellect much? Whatever. Well thanks to me, you know that they might know that you- SHUT UP!

Guys! We have a very large scale attack! About 700 rouges actually. Bring the warriors. I'm stalling them but they won't acknowledge my desperate attempts much longer. I can see it.

I shouted through the mindlink as I glance a rouge who was huffing in frustration and impatience while imagining some umm... graphic things in his head. Yeah the whole packs dead bodies in front of the pack house and your heard on a spike at the top saying: Weak, little staller. If you don't SHUT your ME DAMN MOUTH, I will MAKE SURE that it is YOUR HEAD on that BLASTED SPIKE! And that sent her into a laughing fit. Me damn MOUTH! That's soooo funny I'm actually crying of laughter! And I'm a goddess dam- I mean, I'm an Angel damn tiger. What? I'm the moon goddess so I won't say goddess damn mouth, I will say ME damn mouth.

Just as I blocked the annoying little brat cat out, a silver thing came flying at me. Thanks to my awesome reflexes, I managed to put a force field just in time. I glared at the culprit hunter hiding in the bushes and stuck my tongue out at him. Call me immature but his reaction was priceless. Anyway the rouges saw my force field and it started to sink into their thick skulls that I'm not normal.

The leader was about to say something but the growls and sounds if bones re-arranging beat him to it. The battle has begun. I charged a the leader because why not take the strongest one first. He was supprised at first but then smirked thinking I was an easy picking. Oh and how wrong he was. Wanna try our new technique again? Hell yeah!

I ran towards him and lunged, punching him in the face. Stripe then took over control and kicked him in the gut. While I was in my subconsciousness, I used my senses to spot any other dangers. A man was running towards me from behind so after Stripe kicked him and gave me control, I turned 270 degree at the last minute and delivered a round house kick to his face which sent him flying into a tree that impaled him.

Stripe then took control and focused on the leader and it went on, both taking turns in control. We didn't even have to shift! That's how effective this was. Well I didn't need to until I had telepathically stabbed my stalker with his own dagger. The pain I was a little bit less than my first time shifting but it still hurt like hell. Why am I always in pain!?

I didn't scream though. My wings came out first which was unusual because they always came last. But then they turned into diamond. DIAMOND! They were now basically impenetrable but because they were diamond not feathers, I couldn't fly with them. But that was not it's priority, they wrapped protectively around my body and I realised only the wings came out. I tried my tiger tail, eyes and ears and they both shifted as well!

But then my ears caught on to something beautiful. It was calling to me. I couldn't see it but I know what it was. The ocean. So without my brain's consent, my legs started running with my wings stabbing others and shielding me from harm. It's like they have a mind of their own. I was going a lot faster than I would usually run in the forest in human form becasue I had a tail to help me steer and balance like in tiger form. Wow I can never have one fight without something weird happening to me I thought to my self as I reached a cliff edge and my legs didn't stop.

"Wait! Stop legs! That's a cliff! Stop now! You won't be exercised for a week!" The last threat made them slow down for a split second but then they jumped with me screaming bloody murder to them. A burning pain on my legs increased as I got closer to the water. If I belly flop, so help you legs I will rip yo-. Then I hit the water.

That was another part of The Rejected Hybrid. Why do you think her legs were trying to kill her? This and the next chapter is fairly important and the next a slight preveiw of what my next book is about so keep your eyes peeled!

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