Drinks and Relaxation

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Mission Mate with Y/N
Stage ????
Don't drink the water if it smells like it isn't water.

Jungkook's POV
She thinks that he doesn't see it but he can.

Y/N's avoiding him.

No matter how many times Jungkook attempts to entice her into spending time with him, she somehow manages to avoid it.

"Noona, I'm bored. Let's see a movie."

"Sorry. I have an assignment due."

"Let's eat something, Noona!"

"Jungkook I have a class in thirty minutes. M-maybe you can go eat with Jimin?"

"Cuddle with me, Noona!"

"Sorry, Kookie, I've got errands to run!"

Day after day, she flees like a mouse in the vision of a cat when he enters the room. At night at least she allows him to snuggle with her, but she doesn't speak at all, and she lays stiffly in his arms.

As if she doesn't know how to relax around him.

It isn't a angry kind of avoidance; it almost seems like she's afraid of him, or nervous.

Jungkook doesn't understand it.

He's been so good.

Not once has he made a move on Y/N.

Not once has he let the pitch of his voice drop into that low-and-dark tone that makes her face go gorgeously red.

Not once has he intentionally stripped in front of her, or let his fingers drag across the silky smoothness of her skin.

Even though he's wanted to desperately, Jungkook has been totally successful in repressing his desires for Y/N.

But she's still avoiding him.

Like right now, as he lays limply on the floor of Jimin's apartment and stares up at the ceiling. Hoseok and Taehyung are napping on the couch, laid out on either side of the long piece of furniture with their mouths hanging wide open in slumber.

It's late afternoon, soon to be evening, and Jungkook's feeling very abandoned.

Y/N was supposed to be back from class ten minutes ago, but there's been no sign of her. Not a call. Not a text.

Jungkook can't help the bit of worry creeping into his chest as he runs his fingers absently over the fluffy carpet.

What if she got kidnapped, or hit by a car? What's if something bad's happened to her?

But, in all reality, he understands the situation.

She's probably fine.

She just hasn't returned because she knows that he's here, waiting for her.

That hurts.

"Where the heck is Y/N?" Jimin comes pacing into the living room, dressed for a night out.

His outfit is stylish, ripped black jeans that stick to his form like glue and a long sleeved, black and white striped shirt. He's got on eyeliner, and his ears are at full piercing-carrying capacity.

Grasped in his hand is his phone, on which he's feverishly punching buttons.

"Lying idiot," he growls through full pink lips and gritted teeth. "She said she'd be back by now. I've got plans tonight."

Jungkook sighs, bumping his red shoes together. "She won't come back. I'm here."

That makes Jimin pause with raised brows. "What's that supposed to mean?"

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