i gave

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I gave you everything.

I gave you the glass dove in my glass menagerie and you just let it slip and fall onto the wooden floor.

I gave you my heart, which beat faintly from the last three, only for you to return it, beaten and flatlined.

I gave you my dreams, only for you to discourage them and throw them into the river.

I gave you a label that had marked forever, only to realize it was only for an impossibly temporary person.

I gave you the one thing you should have never taken.

We were just kids.
We threw fuel into a comforting fire
in hopes it would bring peace with the flames.
Yet, it only destroyed us in the end.

Until I rise from the ashes anew,
with a new glass dove,
my heart patched up,
my dreams reaffirmed,
my labels restated,
and my innocence reclaimed...

I have no choice but to wait
for the rest of the flames to be doused.

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