I sigh. "I know. What if I want to be part of that destiny?"

"Well if it's really meant to be, you already are."

Lloyd groans. "I've liked her for so much, for so long. I don't want to mess anything up."

Cole places a hand on his back. "Trust me, dude. We've known."

"We got your back," Jay says.

"Yeah. With us, what could go wrong?" Kai says. Lloyd rolls his eyes, knowing full well that they mess up quite a bit.

"You can do this, El!" Nya says, pushing me into the doorway.

I take a deep breath and exit her room.

I walk down the hall and I nearly run into Lloyd.

"Oh, hey!" He says, smiling nervously.

"Hey," I say, anxious to see where this was going.

"Can we talk?" He says. I nod and he grabs my hand, pulling us to the bonus room, closing the door behind us. I sit on the couch as he does this, and soon he sits next to me.

We look at each other, silently trying to figure out who would speak first.

"So..." I say, looking at my hands awkwardly.

Lloyd takes a deep breath then turns towards me. "I like you a lot, El. And I know I'm the Green Ninja, but I know we can make this work," he says.

I smile slightly. "I like you a lot too, Lloyd. But I don't want to mess with your destiny or whatever. Your number one priority is to defeat the Overlord," I say.

"I know. But I always have room for you," he says, giving me a goofy smile.

I smile happily, blushing slightly. "You're a dork."

"You too," he says, smiling at me.

We look at each other again, waiting for someone to say something. But this time it wasn't as awkward.

He glances at my lips and I roll my eyes.

I press my lips to his lightly then break away.

"Dork," I murmur.

He grins and pulls me closer. He kisses me, for a longer moment this time.

But Kai and Cole walk in the room, completely ruining the moment.

"Oh, Lloyd! You did it!" Cole says.

Kai groans. "Every room I walk in better not be occupied by you guys," he mumbles.

"Yeah, leave some for Nya and I," Jay says, entering the room, winking.

"I don't want to hear it, Jay!" Kai says, annoyed. Jay smirks.

"Hear what?" Nya asks.

Cole and I look at each other and burst out laughing.

"What's going on?" Nya asks, confused.

"Lloyd and El are officially a thing," Cole says.

"Oh, good!" She says, excitedly. "Hate to cut the celebration short, but Sensei Wu wants you guys in Dareth's dojo training Lloyd," she says.

Lloyd unwillingly unwraps his arms around me and we head downstairs to the dojo.

The five of us stand around Lloyd who currently has a blindfold covering his eyes. We all wield weapons, except for Lloyd, of course.

"Don't rely on your eyes," Cole says.

"Use your ears to hear instead," I say.

"Should you really be giving him advice?" Kai says.

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