Chapter 12: Odd Jobs

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Otabeks PoV
I left Yuri at home with the cat while I told him I was going out with some of my friends from school. I felt awful about it tho.
When I told him, all he did was look up at me with the saddest face and I almost stayed home.

Damn I can't let him make me vulnerable, especially right now

I take the bus the my job so no one knows it's me. I mean I'm one of the only people with a motorcycle in this town. I arrive at bus stop 420 and the driver gives me that same dirty look as always.

He doesn't like me because one time I yelled at him for not letting a gay couple in the bus.

I have to walk the rest of the way after that. Normally I think about my job and kind of get into the mood. But today was different. It's the first time I'm back since I found Yuri again. I couldn't stop thinking about him.

After about an hour I finally get the graffitied, abandoned building. It used to be some warehouse for this shoe company. The company moved out about 3 years ago but did nothing with the actual building besides remove  everything inside.

"HEY OTABEK" I hear a very annoyed voice coming from near the building. Ugh I know exactly who it is. Christophe Giacometti. Don't get me wrong, he's not mean or anything. But when he's gets annoyed he's really fucking annoyed. But it looks like he just got here too.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN MAN! THE BOSS IS GUNNA DECK YOU" His accent is so thick I can just barley understand him

"Um yeah I know sorry. I just had some um family stuff..."

"Oh yeah? You know what we do and you know that you can't just blow it off. right? This is serious."

"Yeah, I know, I know don't worry it won't happen again"

"Good now come on inside.he have to get changed."

Omg what an actual chapter?? Wow is this Otabeks job!? What is it exactly??? Well I mean you'll find out next~

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