Chapter 8

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Aylin's heart started thumping in her chest making eye contact with the King. His chest was heaving, and his gaze remained fixed for a minute. Fists clenched, he stalked back inside, not finishing his training session. 

 Quill was watching his brother's movements carefully. He half expected Ezekiel to climb the wall, and bust in through the window. A smile played across his face seeing their far away interaction. Gazing up, Aylin's confused expression was trained on him. Shrugging his shoulders, he played dumb. 

Ezekiel stormed up the stairs, thinking about the newcomer in his castle. He should have gone with his instinct and had her killed on the spot. Rather, he let her live, and now he has to contend with the anger he holds for other males smelling his mate. He only knew  of her smell because other unmated males smelled her scent from her slightly open window. His howl pulled them from their staring eyes. 

Arriving back at his room, he slammed the door, trying to control his lust. The sound of the shower pulled him from his thoughts. Whipping the door open, he saw Ana's silhouette behind the glass doors. Even seeing her naked shadow, he didn't have the same feeling he had when he saw Aylin, despite seeing her from a distance. 

Ana noticed his presence, and shut off the water. Sliding the door open, she stood there in all her naked glory. "See something you like?" she purred, seductively licking her lips. 

In his haste, he stalked toward Ana, throwing her over his shoulder, and tossed her roughly onto the bed. Tearing his pants off, he crawled over her, immediately ramming himself into her. Without any regard for how she felt, he slammed himself as hard as he could into her. Though he was rough, Ana didn't mind, she was used to him being rough on her. Looking down at her, Ezekiel saw not Ana, but Aylin. Leaning down, he did something he had never truly done before, kissed her. Not just any kiss; full of passion, and longing.

Pulling back, he realized what he did. Stopping, Ana was confused. "What's wrong?" she breathed out, heavily. 

Getting off her, he started pulling at his hair, pacing back and forth. Ezekiel was so flustered, he let out a roar. Ana recoiled in fear, covering herself with the blanket. "Zeke!" she yelled out. 

Whipping around, he glared at her. "Get. Out." he gritted. Without a word, she ripped the sheet off the bed, and jogged out of the room, slamming the door behind her. 

Landing a punch to the wall, Ezekiel was angry at how frustrated that woman made him. Everything he knew seemed to be crumbling around him. He didn't want to be an unfeeling brute anymore; however, that was the only way he had ever been. Truthfully, he didn't know how else to be. Being a king meant that he had to be ruthless to keep what was his. But, it also angered him to know that his little brother was spending his time with the woman who was supposed to be his mate.

Stepping into the shower, he was trying to wash away all his thoughts about Aylin. It would never work. She was just a lost young wolf, questioning her own existence. As it stood, there would be no way that it would work for her to be queen. He was a brutal, harsh leader, taking no mercy on anyone who crossed him. Ezekiel was sure that he would break her, before she could even blink.

Pausing, something occurred to him that hadn't before. Maybe he was capable of showing a softer side to her. Just smelling the beautiful aroma of jasmine, and roses drove him insane. His brain immediately thought of the things he wanted to do for her, and to her. Flashes of a life that was possible if he would only lighten up a little, at least with her. She benefitted him, not just for his kingdom, but for his own well-being. 

'Quill!'  he bellowed through their mindlink.

'Zeke' he responded, coldly. 

'I need to speak to you. I'm in my room.'

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