Chapter 17

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Otman - (laughs) I don't miss rosy tbh with you guys.

Sophie got heated and punched Otman on the face.

Sophie - You made me sick Otman after what you have done to Rosy.

Otman - What Rosy was not pleasuring me enough.

Gabi - So what Otman! Rosy loved you, she give you everything that she ever did to make your ass happy and this what you get for her back that is just fucking messed up.

Otman - It doesn't matter.

Sophie grabs the swiped the shotgun out of Gabi's hands and aims at Otman.

Otman - hahaha what are planning to do with that gun Sophie.

Sophie - Don't make me shoot you bitch!! Frimzy came back inside.

Frimzy - The cops are coming to get you Otman. I hope you die in prison.

Otman - oooh don't worry I'll will get out and once I'm out I'm beheading your uglyass head of yours.

Frimzy - in your motherfucking dreams Otman.

--- one hour later---

The cops came in and take Otman away.

Frimzy - thanks cops for taking him.

Police officer - no problem, you are lucky that u guys are alive.

Frimzy - same.

Police officer - take care of yourself man.

Frimzy - you too.

Gabi & Sophie hugged Frimzy.

Gabi - u okay Frimzy?

Frimzy - yeah I'm alright.

The doctor came with some papers.

Frimzy - I'll be back okay Gabi.

Gabi - what's this doctor?

Doctor - this is the paper if a person wants to donate a heart.

Sophie was chilling outside.

Frimzy was in the men's bathroom looking at himself at the mirror. He takes out the gun from his back pocket & put it to the side of the sink.

Frimzy - i have to do this. I need to help rosy. I'll always gonna love you sophie & gabi. (Crying)
frimzy was putting the gun towards his head. (closing his eyes) (The gun was fired)

Gabi - did you heard that?

Sophie - yes.... Some guy came out of the men's room and said.

Guy : he shot himself

Sophie and Gabi look at each other and said it cannot be Frimzy.

The doctor went to the men's room to see who it was.

Gabi was walking slowly towards the men's room.

Gabi - Noooooo! ( crying )

Sophie - Gabi?!!!

Gabi - it's him... it's Frimzy ( crying )

The nurse came in with the hospital bed and the doctor, the nurses help Frimzy to get him on the bed.

The doctor grabbed the gun that was on the floor and put it in a bag.

The nurses were moving the bed to the er and Gabi was running with the nurses

Gabi - please be okay Frimzy...

Sophie was crying in the main room.

Sophie - why Frimzy why????

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