Chapter 14

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Sophie was sitting on the couch. Otman came inside of rosy's house.
Otman - hey girl! How are you. ( he hugs Sophie)
Sophie - I'm good Otman. (Hugs back)

Otman - Where is your boyfriend at?
Sophie - Frimzy? He's talking to rosy in her room.
Otman - great.

Otman - I'll go and bug them Sophie and it's nice seeing you.

Sophie - nice to see you too. *Otman walks upstairs*

Rosy - when did Otman tell you this?
Frimzy - when we were at the go carts.

Rosy - so he lied about the party.

Frimzy - yes. I'm sorry rosy. I've wanted to tell you sooner but Otman knows that I've told you Otman is gonna kill me.

Otman knocks down the door and he had a gun.

Rosy - Otman! Why!

Otman - Frimzy I've told you not to tell her.

Frimzy - Otman! Put the gun down.

Otman - okay.

Otman slowly puts the gun down but Otman shoots rosy on her chest.

Frimzy - ROSY!!!!

Otman - that's what you get for telling her.

Frimzy - you mother fucker! She was your gf. Why did you shoot her?!

Otman - she already knows and btw she was not pleasuring me enough and she's too needy.

Frimzy - you used her for sex not for real love.
Otman - yeah i did.
Frimzy - You piece of shit!
Frimzy went and tackle otman trying to get the gun away from Otman.

Sophie came upstairs to see where that sound come from.

Sophie - what happened?

Frimzy - get out of here!!

Otman has a gun!!

Sophie starts running down the stairs.

Frimzy was on top throwing punches at Otman. Otman trying to block from the punches as he still has the gun on his hand.. Frimzy grabbed the gun with his hands with so much force and lots of grip.

Frimzy throw the gun out of the window and he took off and carried rosy's body with him. Sophie was still in the car running. Frimzy put rosy's body in the backseat and sit in the passengers seat.

Frimzy - drive Sophie!!!
Sophie - okayy!! Otman jumped out and get the gun where Frimzy threw and came running started shooting at the car.

Sophie was freaking out and starts asking to Frimzy what happen.

Frimzy- Sophie, Otman shoot rosy! That's y you heard the noise from the room.

Sophie - that's just disrespectful.

Frimzy - let's get rosy's body in the hospital okay Sophie, Gabi is gonna be soo upset when she sees this and her blood in my hands.

Sophie - yeah she will be sooo disappointed at Otman.

Sophie - So what did you say to rosy?

Frimzy - Otman is love with Gabi.

Sophie - really? I thought he loves rosy?

Frimzy - yes really. No he doesn't love her, he's just using her for sex Sophie.


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