Chapter 9

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After Otman take it out, exhausted, she said something that surprised me. "I want you to fuck my ass baby, right now". And before she knew it, she had to fix herself over on the wall, got on her hands on the floor . Her ass was perfect, she kept it waxed, and it was the tightest that otman has ever seen, that combined with rosy perfect tan and her sexy back made me cum before Otman put it in. Otman didn't waste time though, slowly pushing his lengthy dick in her ass.

She moaned like Otman never heard when it first went in, Otman pushed it all the way in. The feeling was so surreal.

Rosy was on the floor holding otmans hands. With his dick balls deep inside of me. Otman began pumping away at Rosy and the feeling was like no other. And the things that rosy said were intense.

Fuck my ass ,Otman I want to feel your cum inside of me". These things were all getting too much, and she was arching her back telling me to fuck her harder.

Otman started fucking her harder and said "I'm about to cum in your ass" and she replied with "Good, cum in Rosy's asshole". That sent me over the edge. Fucking harder than before, Rosy felt a massive load of cum shoot from Otman's dick straight inside of me . Rosy felt like Otman was cumming  forever, it was definitely the biggest load that otman ever shot.

As Otman took his dick out, both of us panting with exhaustion and pleasure, Rosy saw some of otman's cum come running out on me , and it made me smile knowing. What Otman had done inside on Rosy. Otman and Rosy kissed again and start putting their clothes back on.

Otman- I love you Rosy!
Rosy- I love you 2 Otman.

Otman and Rosy went back to where the gang is.

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