Calm The Fire: 52

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It wasn't too longer after this that Thorin managed to find a narrow looking entrance to a cave. Finally shelter had been found. He called back to everyone else as he walked in.

“That was a little harsh.” Thorin turned from the back of the cave and looked to Náriel. She'd pushed down her cloak hood and had taken to trying to wring water out of her blonde locks. The water droplets seemed to echo around them once they landed against the cavernous floor.

Tilting his head to the side he stepped forwards. Unlike her his boots made a scuffing sound, she was silent in her approach, “I am stating what is true. Did I not say to you that he'd be a liability?”

“There's a difference between calling someone a liability, and then telling them to basically go away.” Náriel defended, Thorin narrowed his eyes down at her. He couldn't see why she was so defensive for, it wasn't her that he was directing his earlier words to. “He has no place amongst you. That is what you said, do you say this because he is literally not like you?” She asked quietly as she heard the footsteps of the others pottering in. Luckily enough they were still at the back of the small cave so no one could listen into their conversation, there wasn't much of an echo effect with voices it seemed.

“Not everyone can be strong, sturdy and determined like you.” Náriel said, Thorin still looked at her with narrowed eyes. “I have no place amongst you. I am not like you. Would you have said a similar thing to me if I found myself in situations like Bilbo?”

“No,” Thorin said while turning and seeing if this cave actually led on to somewhere. It didn't. Putting his hand on the wall he ran his hand down the rough surface and looked to the side as Náriel appeared looking up at him. “I wouldn't. Because are...” Thorin trailed off awkwardly. He let out a low sigh. He would never say such things to Náriel, because she was special. Yet he couldn't openly admit to such a thing, or at least not yet anyway.

Náriel seemed to sense where he was trying to aim with his words though, even more so considering his stern gaze slowly softened as he looked down at her. She gave a slow nod and looked quickly up at Dwalin as he approached.

“All seems safe here. I don't think there's anything lurking.”

Thorin turned and looked to the slightly taller Dwarf in front of him. “There isn't anything here. We've checked the back.” He explained with a nod, Dwalin didn't look bought on his words, he looked from Náriel to Thorin and then just turned and walked off muttering to himself about a 'slight domestic argument' happening.

“I didn't mean to cause an argument, if that is what we were even just having.” Náriel said while looking up at him. “I just didn't like how you treated Bilbo. That is all.” Blinking and looking to the floor she moved forwards and away from his side.

“Right, let's get a fire started!” Glóin said while rubbing his hands together. A good fire was what they all needed. All of them were soaked through and shivering still. This cave didn't honestly provide much warmth, it barely kept the elements out. The wind and the rain still howled and blew through the opening.

“No,” Thorin frowned and moved from the back of the cave too. “No fires. I don't think that'd be wise. Get some sleep, all of you. When first light comes we shall set off.”

Balin frowned at his words. “We were to wait in the mountains until Gandalf joined us. That was the plan.”

As simply as anything, Thorin looked to Balin and said: “Plans change. Bofur, you have first watch.”


Settling down everyone tried their hardest to get comfortable. It was a hard thing to try and succeed in. There were rough boulders and small rocks sticking up out of the ground.

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