Chapter 7

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Around 3am, Aylin roused from her sleep. Sitting up, she rubbed her eyes. How long had she been asleep? The room was so dark. She felt strange in a strange place. Unsure of what else to do, she stepped out of her room. The hallways seemed deserted. They were just as cold as the cells. A shiver went down her spine.

Taking a left out of her room, maybe she could find an exit door. There was no way that she was going to stay in that place where an ruthless king was her mate, and he was with some bimbo. It would be like watching Daemon kiss Ophelia again. Her heart wouldn't be able to handle rejection twice.

Following the halls, in the distance she heard a noise. Taking a closer look, there was a light on under a door. Approaching carefully, she was afraid of what she might see. The closer she got, the more she understood the noise. Loud moans, and groans. Peeking in the crack of the door, what she saw made her want to vomit.

The King fucking that woman who was standing at his side in the throne room.

Letting out a gasp, she turned quickly, running back to her room. Slamming the door shut, she started sobbing. Sliding down the door, she saw the truth. He didn't care about her, not for a moment. If he did, then he wouldn't be doing what he was doing. Quill was wrong; his hunch was wrong. She couldn't say anything though. If the King knew that she was out of her room, and caught her, then she would be in trouble.

Picking herself up off the floor, she padded over to the window. There was a large enough ledge for her to sit lengthwise. Looking up, she watched the moon from her window. Before she knew it, the sun was rising.

Ignoring the knock on her door, she didn't care whom was there. All she wanted was a way out of this hell. Maybe Quill would help her escape.

"Aylin?" Quill's voice sounded. Looking to the bed, he panicked for a moment, until he saw her sitting on the ledge. "What are you doing?"


"Please say something," he begged.

"I saw him."

"What did you see?" he asked.

Bringing herself to look at Quill, her eyes were filled with tears. "The King," she cried.

Quill knew immediately what she was speaking of. Fury bubbled in his chest. How dare he? "Bastard," he seethed.

He started to stomp towards the door, when she jumped off the ledge, and wrapped her arms around him. "Please, don't."

Confusion swept across Quill's face. Despite seeing Ezekiel with Ana, she still didn't want him to be confronted. There was no logic to her actions. Why would she want to protect Ezekiel from his shame? Was she protecting Quill, or herself? Turning himself around in her arms, he started stroking her hair, assuring her that he wouldn't say anything. "I was going to have you come to breakfast, but I'll have it brought to you. Alright?"

Nodding, she wiped her eyes. "Thank you."

He played cool when he left her, but he was beyond livid. Seeing how affected she was by his stupidity made him so angry. What did he have to do to make Ezekiel realize that he had to stop being selfish?

Going into the kitchen, he asked Audrey, the head chef, to fix some breakfast for Aylin, and take it to her. Frankly, he had lost his appetite.

Walking through the dining room, his eyes narrowed at his brother. "Not hungry this morning, Quill?" Ezekiel asked, inquisitively.

"Not really, Zeke."

Walking past him, Ezekiel sniffed the air, and his vision went red. "Why do you smell like her?" he gnarled.

Stopping as he stood, with his back to his brother, a laugh left him. "Are you serious? What do you care?" he asked, over his shoulder.

Before Ezekiel could answer, Quill went through the door, down to the training fields to work off his anger.

The king was left standing there wondering what caused such a disrespect from his own brother. He couldn't imagine. Turning back around, everyone had frozen in their spots. When he sat again, Ana slid her hand over his. Jerking it back, she gave him a bewildered look.

From out of the kitchen, Audrey came with a tray of breakfast for Aylin. "Audrey, where are you going with that?"

Freezing, she cautiously turned to her king. "Quill requested I bring this to Miss Turner, Your Majesty." Before she continued moving, Ezekiel paused. Shaking it off, he waved her on, and she went on her way toward the room.

Sitting on her bed against the headboard, the comforter was brought up over her knees. Aylin couldn't shake the images in her head from last night. The more she thought, the more she wondered if the window opened big enough for her to throw herself from it.

About to stand up, a light rapping on her door forced her steps away from her goal. Carefully opening the door, before her stood a middle aged woman in a loose-fitting maroon dress, her hair in a bun, slight crows feet near her eyes, warm brown eyes, and small smile. "Miss Turner?"


"My name is Audrey. I've brought you some breakfast, per Delta Quill's instruction."

Opening the door more, she stood aside, allowing the woman entrance into the room. Setting the tray down on the nightstand, she removed the lid. All the smells wafted to Aylin's nose. Looking at it, there were eggs, pancakes, sausage, and hashbrowns. "I hope you're hungry," she said, sweetly. Aylin's stomach rumbled in response. "I guess you are."

Handing her a knife and fork, Aylin sat on the bed, and put the plate in her lap making sure that nothing would spill. Putting a scoop of eggs in her mouth, she had never tasted such a thing in her life. The mix of flavors was beyond any taste she ever encountered. Cutting a sausage, she felt the same sensation; it felt surreal.

"I guess you like it?" Audrey jested, slightly.

Pausing, Aylin hadn't realized she was eating so fervently. Swallowing what was in her mouth with a gulp, a flush came over her cheeks. "Yes, thank you."

"Anytime, sweetheart," she smiled. "Don't worry, you get used to this place."

Dropping her head, Aylin had no desire to get used to it. She wanted to find a way out. "Is there an exit to this place?"

Audrey immediately froze in place. "E-exit?"

"Yes, I want to leave."

Sweat started to bead on her brow. "I'm sorry, honey. I can't help you." Hurriedly, she departed the room.

Placing the plate back on the nightstand, Aylin went over to the window. Looking to the outside world, the sun was shining and birds were singing. All she wanted to do was leave the castle; there was no point in her being there. Hearing a noise, she peered downward seeing Quill train with some other warriors. Suddenly, the one man that she didn't want to see strolled onto the field, shirtless. The sight was something to behold. Even from her height, she could see the definition of his muscles.

As much as she wanted to hate the King, she couldn't. As his second chance mate, Aylin still felt a pull toward him; clearly, it was one-sided. Opening the window slightly, she needed some air.

Going to her wardrobe, she stripped out of the dress trying to find something else to wear. Opening a drawer, there was a pair of yoga pants that she slipped on, and a loose-fitting green sweater.

A loud growl startled her. Running to the window, she looked down to see the King looking directly up at her; eyes black as night.

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