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Third person P. O. V.

It's now 2:53 a.m. but unfortunately Lahlani. Was up once again. For the third time tonight. Not, that she was complaining though. Yes, she was somewhat tired. But either way she was happy because she got to see her angels faces.

She was glad that decided to not put the to ins in their own room tonight not wanting to be alone she had put then to sleep in the crib that sat in her and Nathan's bedroom.
A smile playing on her lips as she rocked both the twins back to sleep. After she had changed their diapers.

Making a quick glance at the clock that sat on the nightstand.
Signing at the time. Nathan had left around 8:30. But the smile found its way back onto her face when she looked down at the twins. Putting her thoughts to the back of her mind.

Realizing that the twins are now asleep carefully she places them in their crib.
Sighing before a yawn escapes her lips. Walking back over to her bed switching off the light before pulling the covers over getting some much needed sleep.


Lahlani's P. O. V.

I stared at the clock as the time went on watching each number change with many thoughts running through my head.

Maybe ten minutes at the most that's how much sleep I've gotten since the to in last woke up.
I woke up with a start. Mad at myself that I couldn't simply sleep without having a nightmare.
I mean now it just sad at this point. I should be able to close my eyes and sleep without his fave popping into my head.

Time just seemed to have been going by so slow tonight we'll morning now. It nearly being 3:30 now.
So silent. Silent enough to hear the wind blowing outside.
Suddenly I hear the shattering of glass coming from what I'm guessing is the kitchen. How close it sounded it had to be.

But that fear. The same fear that came over me the same day... David had popped back into my life was back.

And now its is taking everything in me to get up and see what that Boise had come from.

I couldn't stop the quickening of my heartbeat that seemed like it was going to beat out of my chest at any moment.
I take a quick look at the twins after i get out of bed making sure that they are asleep I still. Great fully they are sound asleep which relieved a tiny bit.

Slowly I bring my now that I look shaky hand to the door knob slowly twisting carefully not to make any noise.

When I had finally got the door open I peeked outside but hadn't seen anything but the light in the distance that led into the kitchen.

If it was even possible my heart quickened. It is taking everything in me to see what it is. Part of me wanted run back into my room lock the door. And call somebody right before fearing for both my babies and I's life. In hopes that the twins don't wake up. But, I knew that I won't be able to do that without wondering who's out there and constantly have it on my mind.

Slowly and as quiet as I can I make my way to the kitchen. But, all my thoughts and worries are out to rest when I hear Nathan's voice.

I let out a sigh of relief and I walking into the kitchen feeling all the worries leave m but once I see him new worries arise.

I take in his appearance in shook as I just stared at him while he stared at me no word being said.
From his messy hair to his drunken posture. And only upsets me even more.
Reminders of David popping into my head.

"Lahlani, I-" I hear his voice slightly slur but I didn't let him finish. Instead I held up my hand in disapproval stopping his withing than his first words.

Hearing his foot steps coming towards me. I find my feet moving on their own back into our room pushing the door closed being me I don't hear it shut. But I decided to ignore it. And climb back into bed pulling the covers over my head. Feeling my eyes slightly water before I blink them away.

"Lahlani, please I-"

"We can talk about it in the morning. I don't want to wake the twins. Just please just go to sleep. Sleep it off. I can't and I won't talk to you like this." I say without thinking. Pulling my legs up to my chest. Tightly closing my eyes.

After the words left my lips the room fell silent.
Whatever he has to say can wait till the morning I do not want to talk to him right now.

Yes. I'm fine with him drinking but for him to come home this late. And drunk. But it okay we can talk about it all in the morning I need sleep and so does he.
If he would've woken up the twins he'd be sleep on the couch right now.
I just hope that I can actually get some because obvious or not I've been having trouble.

"I love you.", I hear Nathan's voice which did I admits did lighten my disappointment towards him.

Yes, I didn't want to talk to him but I couldn't help but to say back. Its just something that I can't control now it just flies out of my mouth.

"..... I love you too."

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