I woke up and wrote the first part in bed. Hope it's okay.


Things with Ben weren't awkward at all. No-one had brought up the subject of his arrest. He hadn't taken me out yet, since we were only allowed off campus for weekends. And being an orphan with no where to go, I'd rather be a good girl for once, to avoid expulsion.


I groaned as my alarm beeped six o clock.

"Just fifteen more minutes" I whispered to myself. I hit the snooze button.

When my alarm did beep again, I realized I'd be late for gymnastics training. I threw on my clothes and grabbed my phone, stuffing it in my gym bag. I yanked open the fridge and took the last bottle of water. Sorry Beth I thought.

I didn't bother with runners, I just pulled in the Vans from Saturday.

I ran down to the gym, just on time.

The other girls were there already.

The team captain, Mikala fake glared at me.

One of the other girls giggled. "Did you over sleep?" she whispered to me.

I groaned

"of course. No one in their right minds would be awake at this hour, let alone be ready to flip across the mats."

She grinned.

"Sorry. I don't know your name" I said apologetically

"Ella. Have you done gym before?"

"Yeah. But I haven't in like, two years."

"Wow. I'd never guess. You were great at trials."

Ms whats-her-face turned up.

"Okay girls. We have the real gym with the spring floor. Mikala will do conditioning while I organize leotards."

"Wow" I said to Ella. "We have a real gym?"

"Yep she replied. The school cheer team uses it too. But they get priority because the captains dad funded it."

I nodded. Cindy's dad paid for her daughters popularity.

There was a full sized floor, with two beams, two sets of bars, and three vaults.

"Why weren't we in here before?"

"Like at tryouts? Because the cheer team had squad training."

I nodded.

We ran for ages. I really couldn't be bothered, but I wanted to be in the team. Ms Walker took our heart rates. Then came conditioning. I HATE conditioning. I don't see the point. Well, I do. It's to build your muscles. But I don't like doing it. I was so glad when my leotard measurements were taken.

At seven fifteen, we were assessed on beam by Mikala and Ms Walker. By that I mean being told what to do.

"Split leap to straddle jump."

"back handspring to layout."

"Layout layout"

"Front sault"

"Round off back sault full dismount"

It wasn't bad. But beam is definitely my worst apparatus. But I wasn't stupid. They were testing me. To see how I'd do under pressure, without a warm up.

I went back to the bars, where Ella was working with another girl.

"Hey" Ella said "You were fantastic"