Chapter 3- No More Light

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My head is bleeding again, and my legs are too weak to move.

There's a small piece of bread and a metal cup of water beside me, which I down instantly.

I know that they're probably drugged, but they don't feed me often, and I need to take what I can get.

I hold my hands out in front of myself, trying to move the cup with my powers.

Nothing happens and I drop my hands; I learnt a long time ago that I can't use my powers inside of this room.

I'm human; useless.

The Archer enters once again, standing above me in the light of the single globe implanted in the ceiling.

"Still loving SHIELD now, Zoey?" He asks tauntingly, "You've been missing for over three months, and your precious little friends haven't even saved you yet. Not even your perfect Captain."

I growl at the ground, but I'm unsure as to who it is directed at.

Slowly, I pick myself up, leaning against the wall as I face him.

I snarl and spit on his shoes, landing right on the newly polished leather.

He looks down at his feet then back up at me, slapping me so hard my ears start ringing.

"We're starting a new form of punishment." He says evenly, "You're not going to have any more of these little visits for a while."

I blink in response, my expression unchanged.

"Let's see how long you last with solitude." He shakes his head as he walks away, "We'll be watching you."

He goes out the door and it shuts behind him, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Why haven't they found me?

I'm sure SHIELD have the power and intelligence to know where ARROW's headquarters are, but if The Archer's telling the truth, then I really have been here for over three months.

That's a quarter of the year.

And what about the others, they would have found me by now.

Steve would have found me by now.

Maybe they think I'm dead.

I lay down and look up at the ceiling, trying to sleep so I don't have to endure their next torture session.

I curl up into a ball and shut my eyes, wishing it all away.

- - -

Nobody comes to visit me.

I don't see another human being for a long time, longer than I can keep count of the hours.

I know I'm skipping meals, and no one comes to give me any water or a measly piece of bread.

Dehydration quickly overtakes me, hunger soon following as my body grows even weaker.

It becomes a struggle to open my eyes and continue to breathe.

After such a long time, what I'm sure is at least a few days, I pull myself upwards.

I lean on the wall for support as I get to my feet, before pushing off it and walking weakly to the center of the room.

I look up at the ceiling, breathing heavily.

"You bastards." I whisper, before fainting dead away.

~ ~ ~

I wake up in the chair once again, my arms and legs strapped down.

"Ah, sleeping beauty awakes." The Archer's smug voice makes me look up groggily.

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