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Vanessa sat on the bed looking at the nail on her bloody hand. The nail was long and rusted. It had taken time but at least now Vanessa had some type of defense. The door started to open as the dead bolts were removed and Vanessa panicked quickly hid the nail in a pillow on the bed and sat upright and widened her eyes in shock.

"Vanessa?" Claire questioned as Greg pushed her forward causing her to land on her knees. Vanessa noticed that her wrists were bound in rope.
Vanessa started to sob and ran and kneeled in front of her hugging her.

Greg rolled his eyes lighting a cigar going out the door. Vanessa stopped crying the moment she realized that he forgot to lock it. "Where are we?" Claire asked biting her lip.
Vanessa faced her then the door about to say something when Rylan walked in holding a bouquet causing her to glare at him with hatred which resulted in him smiling lovingly at her.

Claire looked scared at the man. "I see you have a new friend to keep you company." Rylan said grinning as though this was a social visit.
Vanessa bravely stood up face red with anger.
"You bastard! How dare you kidnap her! You'll never get away with this!" Vanessa spat shaking with rage.

Rylan chuckled finding her tantrum amusing. "Oh dear it wasn't me who took her. It was Greg infact. He wanted something to entertain him for awhile before he leaves this town for good." These words made both Claire and Vanessa widen their eyes in fear. Claire started to sob.
"P-Please...let me go...I-I won't tell anyone. I have family will pay you..." Claire wailed causing Rylan to become irritated now regretting letting Greg have his way.
"Shut up! There's no use begging as you'll be dead soon anyway and no I don't need your money I have more than enough already."

Greg stepped in looking at Rylan.
"Look who's in a bad mood." Greg teased bumping Rylan on the shoulder. Rylan rolled his eyes wishing Greg would just leave him and his wife alone already.
"Just take your girl and go!" Rylan spat angrily at Greg.
"No can do I'm not leaving till it's worth my while." Greg said with a wink before walking away to a guest room." Rylan grunted frustrated before walking away to his bedroom but not before locking the room back up leaving Claire to whimper in piece.

Vanessa looked at the door then back at Claire and was about to touch her when Claire hit her hand abruptly away. "Don't touch me!" This shocked Vanessa trying to only help.
"I-I..." Vanessa stuttered lost for words.

"How can you be ok with this...His friends going to.... he's..." Claire broke down on the floor and Vanessa just watched her. She couldn't blame her. This must of been how Vanessa was at first.

Vanessa looked around the room. It was the same. It had bar windows and furniture for the master bedroom in her favorite colors. The door was bolted and Vanessa literally had no idea where they were. For all she knew they could be in another state.
A tear slid down her face knowing that she might never see Gloria or the outside again but then she mentally slapped herself knowing that she had to focus on how to escape.

Going to the pillow she pulled out the long nail. She sighed with relief that neither kidnapper noticed her injured hand. She wiped her hand on the back of the pillow and faced red faced Claire who was now looking at her hand which held the nail.

"We must be brave...." Vanessa muttered to her. Walking over to Claire crouching down. "We must escape Claire. We can't just cry it does nothing trust me." Claire nodded and her and Vanessa talked to each other in whispers hoping and praying that the kidnappers wouldn't pick up on their escape plan.

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