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(Claire's Pov)

I was working late again. Ever since My Boss Ms. Blake suffered a car accident and her daughter stopped coming to work I've been managing most of the cafe myself.

Even though I'm not getting paid a salary anymore I just can't stand seeing this place go down. I turn on the news while mopping but look up in shock. "So Ms. Gloria you believe that your god daughter Vanessa has been abducted?" A concerned news woman asked.

"Yes she must have as I can't find her anywhere and David's been murdered. Something must have happened. If you can hear me please bring Vanessa back home and Vanessa I love you." Nurse Gloria sobbed before the TV was abruptly switched off.

"Tsk Tsk."

" What do we have here?" A man's voice asked making Claire turn around afraid since she was sure she locked up  but when she turned around she was covered in a chloroform cloth and blacked out immediately.

Greg smiled looking at his fresh new prey before swooping her across his back and walking out to his car to drive back to the cabin.


(Unknown Pov)

I watched him from the bushes the man I've wanted to kill for years carrying a new victim with him. When he got in his car I started to follow him with my head lights turned off.

This man took away my family three years ago and more than anything I wanted revenge.

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