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(Doctor Rylan Pov)
When I got home I smashed a lamp in frustration and damaged everything I could till my hands were bleeding.
How dare he try to steal her from me my sweet angel.

After an hour of sitting on the ground I get up and decide to make a phone call to a guy who I thought I'd never speak to again after our last bloody encounter. I gave Vanessa a choice and she refused the easy way so now it's time to do this the hard way.
I smirked as he picked.


"Greg I have a little assignment for you."

"Not this again I almost got caught after the last clean up." The man groaned annoyed.

"I promise this time I'll make it worth your while."

"Fine I'm in." The man said.

"See I knew you'd look beautiful." David said smiling as I came out the dressing room in a short mini dress.

"Hm, I don't know?" I said unsure about the dress as I was more of a jean girl.

"Come on you'll knock those city girls dead with envy when they see you." David said kissing me on my cheek.

That's right I almost forgot with all this stress that we planned to go to the city this weekend. David's job had finally let him have a day off and he wanted to show me the big city which he says is way different than this little town. I guess I believe him since his job requires him to travel everywhere. He mostly lives at work so we don't live together but all that might chance one day if his boss gives him a raise to manager which I'm sure he'll do since David has been working at this company for ten years.

Suddenly my phone vibrates and I answer the number which has a caller I.D of my mom and instantly my happiness drops once I answer.
"Hello? Yes is this the daughter of Ms. Blake? Were afraid to say this but she's been in a serious car accident..."

I immediately drop to my knees sobbing not believing the words I've heard. David catches me and has to talk to the operator as it's too painful to listen. David then holds me as I cry into his chest as he drives my car to the clinic when I get to the clinic a sad Gloria shares my sadness and hugs me. She tells me how sorry she is and which room my mom is staying but when David starts to follow she stops him. "I'm sorry David but only family is allowed." Gloria says to a hurt David who nods.

My eyes widen as I step in and see Doctor Rylan. "Well Ms. Vanessa I see we meet again." He takes a step towards me and I step back until I see my mom laying on a hospital bed and run to her. "Oh my God Mom!" I yell sobbing on her chest.
Doctor Rylan comes over and pets my hair trying to soothe me.

"There there, it's ok. Your Mom's condition is bad but with surgery she might be able to recover but unable to find proper insurance I can't start the proper procedure."

"Your a surgeon?" I ask him astonished.

"Why yes I started today as my second job as the last surgeon decided to resign and since no one was skilled enough I took over." He smiled sending a chill up my spine.

"Oh well here's my mom's insurance." I say handing him a large brown envelope. My mom left her papers in my car from her last hospital visit for prescription pills three months ago and was too lazy to get them back.
The doctor looked in the envelope but didn't pull anything out instead tsked his tongue which made me feel unnerved.

"Well Ms. Vanessa I'm afraid this is empty."

"That can't be!" I exclaimed taking the envelope only to see he was right.

"No this can't be happening my mom can't just die!" I sobbed.

"Well there is another way to help her." He said chuckling

I looked at him like he was crazy. How could he laugh at a time like this?!
Suddenly he got down on his knees and I stood still as he got my hand and produced from his pocket a black box.

"Vanessa will you marry me?"

"W-what?!" I asked shocked taking a step back only to bump into the hospital bed.

"If you agree to marry me I'll willingly do the operation for free." He said as if that was the most normal answer A person could give you.

I glared at him angrily balling my fist.
"Your delusional!" I yelled unable to hold back my emotions.

Rylan only smiled at me. "Oh sweet Vanessa don't you understand no other doctor here can perform the surgery and without insurance no hospital will accept her meaning she'll die." I swallowed biting my lip hanging my head in defeat knowing he was right.

If I didn't accept his offer then my mom would die and if she did with a way to save her I'd never forgive myself.

I looked up at him with teary eyes saying words I knew I'd always regret. "Ok... I'll marry you."
Rylan gave me the most biggest smile he could muster and slipped the ring on my finger despite my emotional protest and kissed my cheek as a tear slid down my face.

Rylan exchanged his number with me so he could plan a day for our so called big day. And just like that my life turned into a nightmare.

"Are you ok Nessie?" David asked putting an arm around me leading me to the car. I forced my self to weakly smile and nod. The whole ride back to my place was silent. When David left I sobbed for hours alone in my grief. How could I have agreed to marry that creep?! What will David think of me when he finds out. David....

That's right it I marry Rylan I won't be able to be with David the man I love. A buzz of my phone catches my attention, briefly distracting me from a grief. I read my new message.

Isn't it beautiful?

It's a picture of Rylan holding a wedding dress. I frown not wanting to respond.

Answer or I won't do the surgery

I bite my lip to hold back more tears threatening to spill and respond.


Good I can't wait for tomorrow


I typed gasping not believing that he scheduled the date so soon.

Yes of course. You want your mom to be saved as soon a possible right? 😉

I frown more and type.


Good meet me at the old chapel at 7:50. Don't be late or ELSE

I gulp at his words and carefully type


I love you

I stare at his text in anger. This isn't love this is a sick obsession. I grab my couch frustrated to keep myself from typing something that might screw my mom's chances of survival.

That night I stay up all night unable to sleep for how can I when I promised myself to a delusional madman?

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