Chapter 6

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Opening the door to her room, Quill went in behind her. He heard the king growl when he touched her, even in the slightest. That gave him hope. This unknown girl from the woods was the answer he was looking for. "Well that didn't go too badly," he said, reassuringly. 

Aylin sat on the edge of the bed, wondering what happened when she was in front of the king. She wanted to jump on that barbie doll that was so close to him; strangle her with her bare hands. "He didn't kill me," she whispered, looking to the warrior. 

Sitting on the bed next to her, Quill was yet again surprised at her words. She really expected to be killed by the King. He was sure she heard the stories, and expected nothing less. It was eating at him to figure out what happened to her, and where she came from. "No, he didn't. Are you upset about that?" 

"He has a reputation," she replied. 

"That he does." 

"I'm not worth keeping alive." 

"Apparently, you are. Why question it?" 

Covering her face with her hands, tears streamed from her eyes. "I'm nothing," she sobbed. 

Quill wasn't quite sure what to do with the sobbing woman. If he touched her and went before the king again, he would surely be killed. The King may have been denying what she was to him, but once he didn't, there would be consequences for even speaking to her. Against his better judgement, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. "Maybe you should get some rest." 

Nodding in between sobs, he helped her off the edge of the bed. Pulling the covers back for her, Aylin crawled into the expansive bed. Covering her, Quill turned out the light leaving her to rest. 

Walking down the hall, Quill's mission was to see Ezekiel and speak to him about Aylin. For some reason, he felt the need to protect her. Having been in his service for so long, he knew how he was. Unfortunately, not wanting a mate, Ezekiel never saved himself, unlike other wolves. Getting closer to his wing of the castle, his ears were immediately met the sounds of Ana's moaning. That made his skin crawl. He didn't understand why the King kept her around. There was no need now. 

Knocking on his door, the moans ceased after a moment. He knew this was a suicide mission, but he was determined. 

Ezekiel answered the door, only clad in his boxers. "What?" he snapped. 

"Your Majesty, I'd like to speak to you." 

"About?" Raising his eyebrows, the King caught onto his meaning. "Give me a moment." On the other side of the door, there were whines, followed by, "Shut up." 

Stepping out, Ezekiel was wearing a tight fitting t-shirt, with his medium washed jeans, and boots. They trekked to his office which was not far from his room. Taking a seat, Quill stood waiting for the word to start talking. "Well, Quill. Tell me, why did you bother me while I was fucking Ana?"

"That's just it," he started. 

"Excuse me?"

"You know who Aylin is to you. Why are you still bothering with Ana?" Quill tried to keep his anger in check, especially since he stood no chance against Ezekiel.

"Watch it, brother. I'm still the King."

"And as your brother, I'm looking out for you. For once, listen to me." Ezekiel sat back in his chair, considering his brother's words. "If you think that she doesn't know who you are to her, then you are dead wrong. In fact, its killing her."

Sniffing the air for a moment, Ezekiel's eyes shifted to black. "Why do you smell like her?" he snarled, slowly rising to his feet.

"Nothing happened, Zeke. She was sobbing, I had to console her."

"Why was she sobbing?"

"Because she believes she's nothing, nobody. She wanted to know why you didn't kill her on the spot!" He backed up, leaning on his desk. "If you don't want to lose her, then I suggest you dump the tramp."

Turning on his heel, he left his brother in his office so he could contemplate what he said to him. He hated being that way, especially to his older sibling, but he knew that if he didn't then no one would. Ever since Aylin came into the castle, he saw subtle changes in his brother. The fact that he was bothered when they left the throne room furthered his ardor to make sure they got together. Now the question was, will Aylin accept him as her mate? Another major question he had was, did she already have a mate?

Heading back towards Aylin's room, he cracked the door open slightly. Seeing her sleeping form made him smile. She was exactly what Ezekiel needed.

Going down the hall further, he went to his own room. Right when he was about to open his door, a voice stopped him. "Do you really think that weakling is worth it to be Queen of this pack?"

Angus' voice always grated on Quill's ears. He was such an asshole. "That's not up to us. That's up to Ezekiel."

Getting in his face, Angus was ready to challenge him. "You may be the King's brother, but you are nothing. Weak, like her."

"Watch what you say about her, Angus. That may not be so well received by the King."

Chuckling darkly, he shook his head. "I don't know. I walked by the King's room, and he's already back to fucking Ana. I don't think that little wolf means a damn thing to him." Brushing roughly past him, Quill shook his head at his brother's actions. When Aylin finds all of this out, then there would be nothing that Ezekiel could do that would save him from her rejection.

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