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"Percy got his first girlfriend today," I say.

Percy hits me playfully. "Hey! What about that girl in third grade?"

"That doesn't count," I say.

"Sure it does."

"Your flings don't count either," I say.

"Neither do yours!"

"That was like twice," I shoot back, attempting to defend myself.

"Anyway. She's super sweet, and I think she'll actually stay with him for more than a day. Maybe a month," I say.

"Can you stop? I actually really like this girl," Percy says, glaring at me.

"Sorry," I say, smiling a bit.

"Her name is Caroline. She's smart, pretty, really pretty. She laughs a lot too. I think you'd be super proud of me," Percy says. I smile.

"Ellie's going to try to become a nurse," he adds.

"I don't think I can do it though. We have no money, and I didn't get any scholarships," I say, frowning.

"We can find a way," Percy says. I shrug.

"I hope you're proud of us, mom," Percy says.

I bend down to put the orange lillies on the grave then stand back up by Percy.

"Let's give Dad some space," Percy says. I nod and my father gets up from the bench. He slowly makes his way to the grave, his steps weak and slow.

"I'm worried for Dad," I whisper to Percy.

"Me too. Everyday he gets weaker and weaker," he whispers back.

"What if one day we're the only ones left?"

One week later

I groan, opening my eyes to the sound of the alarm ringing.

Due to the loudness of the alarm, everyone jumps awake. Cole hits his head on the bunk, and Jay stumbles out of his bed, nearly hitting me on his way down.

Kai groans and throws something at the alarm clock, but it moves into the speaker, causing the noise to project louder.

Lloyd sits up and groans, shooting a beam of light at the clock, destroying it.

Zane finally wakes up and looks around, confused.

"Is it Wednesday already?" Lloyd says.

"Sunrise exercise. I hate sunrise exercise!" Jay exclaims.

"Is that why we're up at the crack of dawn?" I say, rubbing my eyes.

Wu bursts through the door, energetic as ever. "Good morning everyone! Up, up, up! Today is a new day, students."

He walks to the window and opens the blinds, sunlight beaming into the room.

"Before we begin sunrise exercise, I noticed the dragon made another mess outside and someone needs to clean it. Have fun!" He says.  Taking one last swing of tea, he exits the room.

"What kind of alcohol do you think he uses?" I mutter.

"Russian vodka," Kai says.

"Tequila shots?" Jay jokes.

"So about the job with the dragon," Cole starts.

"Not it!" Jay shouts, running away.

"I sense I need to be somewhere else," Zane says, following Jay.

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