Chapter 8: Small Reminders

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With Findaráto to her left and Findekáno to her right, Eve left the house and passed out into the yard. She felt the glances of the sons of Fëanáro. She had not interacted much with Tyelko or Curvo, and had barely exchanged more than a passing word to them that morning. Moryo she liked well enough, and the twins, however pushy they seemed, were actually very kind.

"Goodbye, Eve," Telvo waved as he wrestled with his brother's hound. Huan pinned him to the ground and he had to wave upside down.

Pityo laughed and grabbed Huan, forcing the dog off his brother. Then he paused and bid the same to her. "Goodbye!"

"Bye!" She smiled widely. Then she gave a hesitant wave at the older sons.

Tyelko shot her a small smile and nodded, but Curvo merely raised his head in a half hearted effort at bidding farewell. She didn't catch what Curvo muttered to his elder brother, but Tyelko evidently did not find it amusing and smacked him in the head.

"What was that for?" Curvo sneered, rubbing the back of his head and stumbling back.

Tyelko growled at him. "Try being polite next time."

When both their gazes landed back on Eve, she shrugged half heartedly. Tyelko looked at Curvo furiously when she and their half cousins walked further away. But the twins ran up to them again before they reached the gate, leaving Tyelko to scold his brother more thoroughly.

"When are you coming back," Pityo asked them. "Do not keep Eve too long, cousins. Ambarussa and I wish her to see the forge!"

Finno smiled at them. "Do not worry. Three days, at the most. One to get there, one to spend there, and one to come home."

Telvo nodded and crossed his arms. "Good. Ambarussa is right. She has much to see here still."

Eve smiled at them and it widened when the giant golden wolfhound approached her. The dog pushed its way to her side and she fell to her knees in front of him, her head at his own.

"Don't worry. You can show me the forge when I get back." She smiled at the twins before hugging the dog. "And you are going to spend some time with me if your owner ever let's that happen."

She didn't realize that Tyelko stood behind Huan until she looked up and saw him. Eve's movement faltered and she let go of the dog.


Tyelko shook his head. "It is clear you like the company of animals. You are being gentle with him."

"I grew up with animals. Before... before coming here it was me and my cat Spencer, and my fish Bubble." She felt tears stinging her eyes as she thought about them and without even thinking she grabbed Huan again for comfort. When she withdrew her face from his fur she sheepishly looked up at Tyelko again. "I like your dog."

He laughed, and it threw Eve off guard. But he ruffled Huan's fur and nodded, offering a hand for Eve to get off the ground. She took it.

"You are welcome to spend time with Huan when you return. Perhaps you would like to see what other animals inhabit Valinor?" When she nodded in reply he cracked a smile. "Good. Ambarussa are in for another one of my lessons anyways."

The twins high fived and teased Huan, getting him to follow them again. She watched them happily. Eve turned to Finno and Findo. "Do either of you have animals?"

"No," Findaráto shook his head. "Though I did have a fish as a child."

Finno merely smirked. "I had a Turukáno. A brother was enough for me."

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