Sunlight - Twilight Parody (1)

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Chapter 1:

I peeked over at my mother who had her eyes set on the long road ahead of us; I studied her facial expressions but got nothing except a blank look. I rolled my eyes and moved towards my car door, I rested my head against the window and let my mind wander. I silently shuddered at the thought that she might have been taking me to dentist instead of the airport; she had tricked me once who knew what she could have been planning. I gulped and looked over at her again; she was such an evil woman.

I mean who liked the dentist, that place was hell all over from the way it smelt to the weird outfits the doctors and nurses wore. Just disturbing, and to think people enjoyed being there.

“What are you looking at?” My mother asked obviously catching my eye.

“Oh nothing,” I lied looking out the window. Evil, evil woman.

I shuddered again.

“Oh dear, are you cold?” She asked in a sweet innocent tone like ‘caring’ mothers did.

“No, no I am fine,” I replied nervously. What was this old hag up to?

"Okay then darling!" She said obviously not convinced.

We rode in silence after that, I couldn’t bring myself to act like I was her best friend – well more that she was my best friend, she actually had friends where as I had none.

“Do you have everything?” She had finally asked as we pulled onto the turn off to get to the airport.

“So I am really going to dad’s?” I shied. I knew I should’ve been excited, after all I wasn’t going to the dentist.

"Sweet heart what is wrong?” She asked.

“Wh- what if dad doesn’t except me? I mean I am not his little ‘princess’ anymore, I haven’t seen him for 10 years. What if he doesn’t know what I look like or remember my name?” Come to think of it he never called me by my real name always by my nickname little princess. Oh god he really didn’t like me I yelled silently in my head. I felt a tear fall down my face.

“Oh come on now dear, yeah he is older, stupider and well a lot weirder then before but he loves you with all his heart,” she said through gritted teeth.

I turned away and peered out the window, maybe she was right? I watched Phoenix fly by, goodbye wonderful sunny days, goodbye warm sea water, goodbye friends – ha that was a lie, what friends? Goodbye hot guy I used to watch drink his coffee daily at the beach hut, goodbye- well that was about it really.

I grabbed hold of a strain of my dead, brown hair and intertwined it through my fingers. Slowly, I had begun to daydream about the days when I used to live in Spoons.

“Isabella, come inside it is getting late!” I heard my mother yell out.

I looked up and saw her standing on the back porch waving her hands around like a maniac. I smiled at how silly she looked, and then I looked back at my friend George whom I was helping to find his toy dolly Marly. I may be seven but I still understand certain things like that fact that George had feminine features.

“Soon, mummy.” I yelled back, “I just got to help George out then I will come in.”

“DO NOT TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE DOING!” She bellowed back. I was seriously scared at that stage and I quickly rose from the mud,

“Sorry Georgie but I don’t want to get a smack,” I sighed looking down at the dark tanned boy whose chocolate brown eyes had begun to fill with tears.