Best Part (Part 9).

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Five months into pregnancy......

Time has indeed been flying and as time flies, the more nervous myself and Y/n become. She hasn't admitted it but I know she is....who wouldn't be. We moved into the new house and settled in and got the babies room done along with all the other things that had to be sorted out.

The media along with the fans have been on myself and Y/n's case a little more recently because of the visible bump that is growing by the day. We were going to tell the media but we just couldn't find the right time with us moving around constantly but today was the day. The guys and girls came over for dinner so we decided that we'd tell them tonight.

Kendall:"Are you nervous? Cause I'm nervous"I said pacing up and down making Y/n chuckle and wake up from the couch standing in front of me.

Y/n:"I am baby, but you need to stop pacing"She said making me bite my lip nervously making her sigh and look at me"What did I say about biting your lip"She said making me stop instantly since she sounded serious and hot at the same time. I think its all the hormones and stuff but my girlfriend is looking hotter by the day. Nah its just you in general

Kendall:"To not bite it"I said making her nod and peck my lips.

Y/n:"Exactly"She said placing her hands on my waist and looking at me"So stop over thinking things baby"She said making me groan and take a seat on the couch since everyone was busy in the kitchen.

Ever since my family and friends found out that I was pregnant, I don't do anything. I try to help in the kitchen and all but they chase my away or tell me to take a seat and as for Y/n. Y/n treated me like a princess and I'm not going to lie....I loved it, but in all honesty she always treated me like a princess but ever since the pregnancy its been more "heightened" to say.

Kendall:"Babe, you do know after the whole world finds out about this people are going to go insane along with the paparazzi"I said making her sigh and nod.

Y/n:"They will, but I'm going to be with you whenever I can and security is going to be twice as secure and the guys and girls got your back along with your family"She said trying to reassure me.

Kendall:"I know but when Kim was pregnant they were like freaking bugs, they were everywhere!"I said making her kiss my knuckles and rub small circles on my hand.

Y/n:"Baby you just have to trust me when I say that I will make sure that you are protected 24/7 and I'm right here baby. Just trust me on this and try not to over think"She said making me nod and peck her lips.

Kendall:"You're right, I'm just over thinking"I mumbled making her chuckle and shake her head.

Y/n:"Its okay baby"She said making me smile at her. We sat on the couch and talked about a few things when the others walked in and looked at us.

Zayn:"So whats first? Food or telling the world?"He asked making Gigi hit his arm a little.

Y/n:"Real classy Malik"She said shaking her head at him. I woke up and pulled Y/n up by her arm gave Zayn my phone.

Kendall:"Take a good picture Malik or I'll kill you"I said making him laugh but then turn serious when he saw the look on my face.

Zayn:"Okay"He said making Y/n chuckle and smirk at him"Damn, she's a feisty pregnant women"He mumbled making me smile a little.

Kendall:"Thanks, now take the picture....I'm hungry"I said pouting making everyone laugh a little.

Bella:"Some things stay the same"She said looking at me making me pout even more.

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