The Sweet Bad Boy Taught Me Love

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You cant cure the world of sorrows,

but we can choose to love in joy...

Chapter 1

"Oh My God! He's walking towards us!" Yuki squealed.

"Which one?"I asked, as I saw two guys walking towards us. One with black hair and piercing on his nose, and the other one with bleach blonde spiky hair.

I wasn't really paying attention on their appearance too much.I mean, why should I? According to what I read on, appearance doesnt matter.right?

the old usual saying.

You can also call me someone who never had a crush before, well I did, but not a major crush, sometimes i just find them cute and thats all. I'm not a lesbian either,no way! I guess it's because not a single boy ever had an interest in me too.

It's probably because I'm too simple. I have long straight brown hair and a full fringe. My eyes are dark brown that some people say it's black.

I have curves and stuff that makes me simple.I'm not poor or rich, just average. I have a brother thats 2 years older than me. he's 18, that makes me 16.

Ohh, and also, I'm very quiet.


"The one with the black hair!"Yuki squealed once again.

"Hmm..."I said, quite unsure of what to say. Theres not much to say about Yuki's taste in guys...she likes guys like him...

"Hot right?" She asked.

"Which one?"I said.

"Both!" she giggled. Oh god... She's like a fan girl...

I personally think the one with the bleach blonde hair was hot, but not the black haired one, he's more in the lines of cuteness...

Yes I admit, I might have a little crush on the blondey, but thats all. it's not as if he'll ever notice me with my simpleness...

The one with the black hair walked to us, then suddenly Yuki's excitement disappeared and acted casual.

"Hi, I'm Dren... Do you wanna..." He, shyly, but I immediately shook my head No and looked down my feet. Next thing I knew Yuki pushed me gently aside and said,

"Let's exchange numbers..." she said cooly. I'm so envious of this girl! So confident!I heard Dren chuckled and said Ok.

I was in an akward moment. Dren and Yuki talking to each other while I was... just stood behind them.

So I decided to go off without Yuki.

As I turned around to walk away, still looking down my feet from embarassment, I bumped into someone... Shit...

"I'm so sorry!" I said quickly without looking at the person I bumped into and ran... As I ran, I felt two eyes staring at me, It gave me shivers.

Finally, I was on the most relaxing place at school, the balcony.

Yuki suddenly appeared by the door, with an upset face.

"I got his number...But the one he wants is you..."she said

"Yuki.."I started to say, but Yuki cut me off.

"Promise not to get together with him..." she said, with teary eyes.

"Promise" I smiled.

Wow...A guy as cute as him actually likes me?


I was walking to school when I heard someone called me from behind ,it was Yuki.

"Hey" I said

"Hey!"she answered enthuastically.

"What's up with your make up?" I asked.

"Wow, the longest sentence you've said so far" she answred, that didnt really answer my question..

I chuckled.

"I still wanna get Dren" she said and a big grin appeared on her face.

"ahh" i said.

"Why? Is it that bad?" She said with a sad face.

"No it's just you're already pretty and appearance doesnt matter right?"

She was quiet for about 10 seconds, staring at me.

It was freaking me out,

"What?"I asked

"First of all thank you that you think Im pretty and second, you're talking too much compared to what you only used to say"she answered.

"Ohh...You don't like me talki...", but before I could even finish my sentence she interrupted me,

"No!It's great that you're talking more than usual, it's just new to me, cause you've always been so quiet.

"Ohh"I said. Then Yuki smiled.


"It's not here..."I said to Yuki whilst I tried to look for my phone.

"Should I ring it again?"She asked, then I nodded.

Suddenly I realized that I probably dropped it in the library.

I quickly walked to the empty school library. I love the atmosphere and feeling whenever the library in empty and quiet. It's peaceful and quiet.

I walked in, and immediately heard my ringtone, I followed where the sounds are coming from, and led me to the shakespeares section. I found my phone

between Romeo and Juliet and McBeth.

I answered my phone knowing it was Yuki.

"I found it"I said.

"Good" An unfamilliar voice said from the other line.

I froze. What the heck...O.O

"Who are you?" I asked

"Secret" he said. Then I hanged up, annoyed.

hmm... someone's playing pranks with me...

I browsed my phone. All my contacts were gone and my text messages were gone too.

I called the unkwown persin and at one ring he answered.

"What is it?"he asked.

"My contacts...They're gone" I said.

"I deleted them" he said without hesitation.

"What?! why did you do that for?!" I asked angrily.

"If the person really wants to talk to you, they'll definitely call you"he answered.

I wass silent, didn't really know what to say...

"See ya Mika"he said and then he hanged up.


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