Chapter 4

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Aylin woke surrounded by silk sheets, and a goose down comforter. Popping up, Aylin fell out of bed, wondering where she was. The last thing she remembered was being carried out of the cell, but didn't expect to wake up in such a luxurious place. The walls were a deep blood red, with dark wood furniture, a four post bed with the same deep red silk hanging  all around the top. Never before had she seen anything like it. 

"I was wondering when you would wake up," a deep voice said. Standing up, Aylin backed up into the wall seeing a muscular man sitting in a chair near the bed. He had shaggy brown hair, hazel eyes with yellow flecks, black slim fit jeans, with black boots, and a tight fitting white t-shirt. Aylin continued to back herself into the wall behind her. The unknown man chuckled slightly seeing her panic. "Relax, little thing. You're safe." 

"Wh--where am I?" Aylin stuttered. 

Rising from his seat, she was amazed at how tall he was, at least 6'3. "You're in the castle of the Rogue King, at the Royal Outland Silver Blood Pack." he answered, coolly.  

"Rogue King?" she repeated. 

Rubbing the back of his neck uncomfortably, he flushed a little. "Yeah. You're lucky that you're even alive." 

Deep down, she almost hoped that the King would kill her. "Why am I alive then?"

The question begged Quill to wonder what happened to this girl that she would ask such a question. It pulled at his heart strings. "It was my decision to bring you back here after we tracked you in the woods. Where did you come from anyway?" 

"Nowhere," she whispered, rubbing her arm uncomfortably. "I'm no one." 

Furrowing his brows, Quill wasn't sure if he should venture to ask why, but his curiosity got the better of him. "Why would you say that?" She didn't even raise her head to answer his question, in fact, she was silent. Seeing how skinny she was, and the deep bags under her eyes, he could see that she had been on her own for awhile. Something happened to her that deeply broke her to the point that she welcomed death. "Are you a wolf?" he asked, after a moment of silence. 


Sighing, Quill didn't want to question her any further, knowing he wouldn't get anywhere with her. "What's your name?" 


"Nice to meet you, Aylin. I'm Quill, head warrior and tracker to the King. I'm also the Delta." 

"Nice to meet you too," she whispered, keeping her eyes down. 

Walking toward the wardrobe, he opened the doors revealing suitable clothes for her to wear. "Here are some clothes you can change into, and the bathroom is right here," he opened the door for her, "the King would like to speak to you as soon as you're ready." 

As he was leaving the room, Aylin asked a question that surprised Quill. "Why did you bring me here? You should have just left me in the woods to die." 

Dropping his shoulders, he sighed deeply. "Because I had a hunch about you, and I hope I'm right. Otherwise, it's both our lives."

Closing the door behind him, Aylin had no idea what Quill was talking about. What hunch could he possibly have about her? There is nothing special, or significant that would make her stand out amongst anyone. Especially not to a Rogue King, or his tracker. 

Aylin heard stories about the Rogue King. How cruel, and ruthless he was; not only to his pack, but to trespassers on his land. No one who ever ventured onto his land ever came out alive. Most believed that they were killed on sight, or the King would take the pleasure of doing it himself. 

Dragging her tired body into the bathroom, Aylin thought she should be clean for when she saw the King. If he killed her, then at least she would be somewhat clean. Though, she heard of the stories of the torture inflicted. Clean or dirty, it didn't matter, really. 

Flicking on the light, the bathroom was immense. The walls were red, with black striping around the top, with flat white Jacuzzi tub off to the right, and a shower stall built into the left side of the room. The glass doors were clear, with a large shower head pointed directly downward. Right next to her was an expansive sink with brushed chrome fixtures, and a mirror framed in gold. 

Aylin was impressed with the room before her. This was nothing like she had ever seen before. Her old house was very simple, left to her when her parents died. The most color she had in her house was the blue of her bedroom. 

Stripping down, she started the shower, allowing the bathroom to fill with steam. Stepping in, the hot water felt good against her aching bones. As the water cascaded down around her, she saw brown swirling around the drain. Standing under the water, Aylin contemplated what would become of her, or if she should take matters into her own hands. The King would kill her anyway, so what difference did it make? 

Suddenly, she had a flash of Daemon and her old pack. Grabbing her hair, she was pulling at it, and let out a scream that reverberated the glass doors. She screamed for everything she had gone through in her life, and for what was to come. Mostly, she screamed for the loss that still weighed heavy on her heart. 

Pulling herself from the shower, she grabbed the fluffy black towel that was set on the counter next to the sink, drying herself off. Gazing at her reflection in the mirror, Aylin didn't recognize the face that stared back at her. Her once beautiful mane of chestnut hair was stringy, her deep blue eyes turned dull, the bags under her eyes prominent. There was a time when she was vibrant, full of life. That time is long gone, and she was unsure if it would ever come back. 

Walking back into the bedroom, she was surprised by the presence of Quill. He seemed alarmed. "Are you alright?" 

Confused, she cocked her head to the side. "Yeah, I guess. Why?"

"I was coming back to see if you were ready to see the King, and I heard a scream." 

"I'm fine," she lied. Turning her back, she looked inside the wardrobe to see what was appropriate to wear in the presence of a king. 

"People who are alright don't scream like that." Ignoring him, she thumbed through the clothing. Sighing, Quill was frustrated with her lack of communication. "I'll be outside when you're ready." 

Laying her hands on a white sleeveless dress, Aylin threw it over her head. Though it was chilly in the castle, she didn't care. Of course, she also has nothing to wear on her feet, but that didn't bother her in the least. Running her fingers through her tangled hair, she tried to get as many of the knots out as possible. Though they were large, she felt no pain as she dragged her fingers. 

Opening the door, Quill was standing guard waiting for her. "Ready?"

Simply nodding, she followed him to meet her fate. 

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