Author's Note

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Why hello there lovely readers! Thanks for clicking on my story!

My name is Libby and I'm the author of this story. It's a short story so it's only going to be six chapters long. 

This story is based on an idea I had. It's not really based on anything else other than the world of my imagination, which is a weird and colorful place. So this story is original and you may not copy it in any fashion; whether it be copying my words or copying my story, all of them are big no-nos. 

So if you agree not to copy my shit, we can now move on.

P.S. who actually is reading this? Prob no one. Either you've clicked out of the story by now or you've moved on to the first chapter. I don't blame you. The content is juicy ;) 

Lol, what am I saying? Okay, this Author's Note is officially done. Please don't hesitate to give me your honest feedback on the story. It will help me become a better writer.

If you actually read this, you're a G and you get a cookie and a pat on the back. 

xoxo, Libs

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