~The Stary Night Sky~

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Kazuto carried me in his arms all the way down to the parklinglot and then let me on my feet finally.

"You know you got our friends questioning where were going." I giggled.

"They'll live. This night is special for only us. Shall we go, madam?" Kazuto asked trying to be all gentlemen which made me laugh a little.

"We shall." He held out his hand to me and I gladly took it. This felt so cheesy, but I loved it anyways.

We headed off to our destination.


{3rd Person}

Kazuto parked his motorcycle in a parklinglot near a big park and hopped off. He took off his helmet, then helped Shino down.

The two walked in the park hand in hand.

They finally found a spot in the grass where it was perfect to see the meteor shower. Shino set a blanket down for them and Kazuto got some hot cocoa in a portable container.

They both put their Augma on so Yui could join as well.

Kazuto sat down on the blanket and Shino joined him. Yui happily circled around them in her pixy form, then went and changed into her normal form wearing her cute white dress with a bow in the back. 

Kazuto held out his hand towards Shino and she happily placed her hand in his again smiling softly. 

"This feels like were back in SAO again..just like how it was with the three of us." Shino said still smiling. Her eyes started to glisten a little, but Kazuto wiped the tears away smiling. 

"I love being with mama and papa!!" Yui said happily. 

Even though Yui was still virtual, Shino and Kazuto could still feel her touch with the Augma. 

Their daughter laid her head on Shino's lap and closed her eyes. Kazuto scooted closer to them and he looked into Shino's eyes.

She blushed slightly, but continued to smile regardless. They kept their hands locked together and leaned more closer to one another. 

Kazuto closed the remaining space between them and placed his lips onto Shino's softly. 

"I love you, Shino..my Sinon..forever." Kazuto murmured lovingly. Shino had a couple tears fall down her cheeks. 

"I'll love you forever Kazuto..my Kirito-kun. Always." Shino whispered. 

The two leaned close again and pressed their lips onto each other softly. 

"Mama! Papa! What are you two doing?" Yui asked innocently which made Kazuto and Shino jump a little, then both laughed. 

Yui looked at them both questionly, but joined in laughing as well. 

The laughter finally died down and Shino leaned her head on Kazuto's shoulder while gently patting Yui's head. 

The the three enjoyed each other's company and watched theStary Night Sky light up beautifully. 

"I can't wait until we're all officially a family." Kazuto said quietly. Shino nodded in agreement, then looked down at her engagement ring he gave her after the ALO incident. 

"Does that mean mommy and daddy are gonna get busy after they get married and I get to have a little brother or sister??" Yui asked all excited now. 

The pair blushed a deep shade of red and laughed a little nervously. 

"Not for a while, Yui. That will take some time to plan. But first, we need to plan our wedding." Kazuto said trying to get off topic of having another child. Yui was enough for him to handle for now virtually. Shino felt the same for now.

The three went back to enjoying the night sky as a family. 

A/N:Thank you all again who enjoyed my stories!! I will try to make the next story, but I still have to catch up on the acilization light novels. Only a selected few are out atm, but I shall see what I can do as well. Hope you all liked this last chapter!! ^-^ I will make more stories too soon!!


To be Continued...
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