Just Relax

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*Amy's POV*

"Where are you girls taking me?" I asked while they put a blindfold over my eyes. They were dragging me into the car to some kind of 'special' place that they had in mind.

"Just sit back and enjoy the ride," Rouge told me. "We're almost there anyway." They already took me to the nail salon and the spa, where else is there to go? I didn't want to question it, so I just stayed quiet.

"Hey Rouge, don't you and Knuckles have to go on stage on Monday?" Blaze asked.

"Yeah, but for me and Knucklehead already have our song ready since day one." She said while keeping her eyes on the road. "And I'm not the only one, don't you and your boyfriend go after us?

"I'm still not used to that word yet," She started blushing while everyone else was giggling. "But yes, Silver and I already have our song prepared and ready to go." Wow, everyone else already has their song done? I need to talk to Sonic tomorrow, or else we're we're gonna be the laughing stock of the school! And I don't want to be laughed at for the rest of the school year!

I felt the car stop driving. "Okay Ladies, we're here!" Rouge shouted while getting out the car. She opened my car door and guided me to the door of...wherever we are.

"I'm actually getting scared here, can I please take this blindfold off now?" I started to untie the blindfold myself.

"No! Don't take it off yet!" Cream yelled. "It's supposed to be a surprise. If you take it off now, you'll ruin the surprise!" She opened the door and pulled me inside with everyone behind me. I honestly don't get why this is so special to them.

"Alright, we're inside," Rouge told everyone. "Amy, we would like to welcome you to..." She paused while she took the blindfold off. I started to blink so my eyes could adjust to the light. I looked up and my eyes widened.

"Our Special Indoor Spa!" She finished her sentence.

This place had everything! Indoor pool, Exercise Bike, Couches, Foot Massages, EVERYTHING! "When did you guys find this place?"

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This place had everything! Indoor pool, Exercise Bike, Couches, Foot Massages, EVERYTHING! "When did you guys find this place?"

"Your sister actually found it." Cream told me. "She showed us and helped us rebuild the place. Ever since then, we've been going here whenever we're stressed."

"I can't believe my own sister found this place, and she never told me!" I have to talk to her as well.

"She wanted this to be a surprise. She's seen you been stressed at school lately, so she suggested this place would be the most calming." Rouge told me. Ok, maybe she finally did something good in her life.

"So just relax, have some Ice Cream," Blaze reached inside a miniature fridge and took out a tube of Vanilla Ice Cream. "And just relax for the day, forget all of your worries and just relax." Her voice was almost hypnotic. I could fall asleep to her voice.

"Just relax...no worries..." I whispered what Blaze said and closed my eyes. I sighed and leaned back against the couch. "Relax..."

"Now she's getting it!" Rouge joined me on the couch. "Wash all of your worries down the drain." Everyone else joined us and sighed.

Just relax...no worries.

*Sorry that it's short*

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