Dark Knight

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"Darius wait . . . "

My words were fallen on deaf ears.

"Come on, you can't just - Darius please, seriously you're being stupid."

That definitely perked his ears, I sighed as his head whipped back to meet my determined eyes.

"Are you calling your boss . . . stupid?" He quirked a brow, frown lines etching on his face.

"Ugh, you're my boss in the office." I groaned, placing the thrown cushions back on the sofa. 

I felt his sideward glance, though it was more like a penetrating glare. Placing the last of the cushions, I turned on my bare heels only to catch his hazel eyes narrowing at my choice of words.

"You do know you work for me at home too," he rebutted, scowling at the pain as he moved his arm.

I almost took a hold of him when he swatted my hand away, "yes but can you just—"

"Just what?" His eyes flashed, searching through my own.

" . . . relax a little more?" I shrugged, not knowing what else to say.

He smirked, one that was all knowing which meant he was thinking something that I would not agree with.

"What?" I asked, feeling rather conscious under his darkening gaze, though I was sure he was enjoying teasing me as the smirk grew into a grin. I fidgeted and pulled lightly on the tassel of one of the cushions.

"It's more like, why don't you relax a little more." 

I widened my eyes in surprise, thinking how wrong he was. "What do you mean? I am relaxed, I always am in fact I am a pretty chilled out person." I huffed, grabbing the cushion in my hand now.

He only nodded, his eyes squinting for a few seconds as he winced in pain. 

"I don't demand you for anything nor do I question you for your silly motives or whatever ideas you have—"

"That's why I ask you—"

"What?" I thought back in surprise, though my thoughts were spoken aloud.

Darius' gaze caught my own as he looks on through hooded eyes, he clearly was not in the right mind. His face was more pale than usual, and his stubble seemed to have grown a few inches. I face palmed myself at his silly behaviour, "you're in no shape to go work, your wounds haven't healed and the doctor said your arm will be in the cast for at least six weeks, so I suggest-"

"Just what I f—"

"Oookay, we can leave the profanities someplace else," I waved my hands in the air, though his amusement was nowhere in sight. Gone, like the bipolar self that he was. Showing me a sense of fun one minute and then going back to the brooding office man.

"Look, I'll go and—"

I sighed, shoving the soft cushion back on the sofa. I stood before Darius, taking his left hand, he almost protested, I squeezed his hand and led him to sit down, the cushions all around him to ease the pain on his back.

"I need you to stay." He sighed loudly, causing my heart to stutter.

"Why?" I whispered, feeling a certain quiver in my stomach.

He was leaning forward, whilst the broken arm rested close to his rising chest. He heaved out another sigh and grumbled as the pain became unbearable. I clenched a fist, I wanted to help him, after all wouldn't that be the right thing to do when someone was in need. But even just a touch of his finger, I feel as though he is too far for me to reach.

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