Becca Woodville 2018

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I groan. The old guide whips round

"Not enjoying the day, are we?" She cackles "Anyway put that phone away. NOW!"


"And turn your beeps or whatever they are off," she finishes.

"Yes, Miss," I reply in as polite a voice as I can manage. I think it sounds convincing. "Anyway my mum has told me to go and wait outside because one of my friends is picking me up." I say the first plausible excuse that comes into my head.

"Little miss hoity-toity, are we?" she replies in a slightly surprised voice.

I just hurry away.

"I'm at the Tower of London. #bored. x"

I've still not forgiven her. Yet. Why does she have to go poking into my business? When she never does anything herself? I just don't know what to do because we were best friends but that was a long time ago and... well she's changed so much. She's been so mean to me. Then there was that point when she bullied me.

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