The Carnival

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I'd like to say I'm not competitive, but that would be a lie.

A little competition never hurt anyone but rather adds an exciting element to the game.

We found Miles and Bridget almost instantly at the funnel cake truck. They were sharing one when we walked up and luckily for me, we were just in time to witness the strawberry kiss they shared.


It's not that it's Miles, any public displays of affection that is mushy like that,  makes my stomach churn.

Or maybe it was because it's Miles, but I'm sticking with the first one.

But I didn't think I could stomach watching anymore of that, so I suggested some games to see if we could will prizes.

Miles is the one who made it a competition, I just accepted the challenge.

The carnival worker wit ha bad mullet and a toothy grin, didn't seem to mind as he kept taking our money and handing us basketballs to shoot.

Finally Miles gains his lead and wins the biggest stuffed animal they have.

"Good game, B" He smiles as he hands Bridget the stuffed 'Po' from Kung Fu Panda.

He slaps my hand and we go in for a friendly bro hug.

For the briefest moment, our chests touch and a small shudder runs through me at how good it feels. 

It's over to soon and I am left feeling hallow as he wraps his arm around Bridget. 

"How about some food?" Lucy says, slipping her fingers through mine.

I look at her little stuffed tiger that I won her. Had we gone to the bating cages, I could have won. But then again, they don't have prizes at the batting cages.

"I could eat" Bridget chirps, laughing with Lucy like it is some inside joke. 

Miles must not get the joke either because he looks at me with a shrug.

The food trucks are parked at the end of the carnival grounds. They all form a semi circle and the smell of the food lingers in the air, causing my stomach to growl.

There are so many choices. How can I just chose one thing? Technically I could chose more than one but the last thing I need is to throw up in front of Miles.

"Oh my gosh, the Mexican food smells amazing!" I nod my head in agreeance as Lucy pulls me towards a truck with the words Rocco's Taco's. 

The warm air from the sliding window, has me drooling. A man with a dirty white chefs coat has his head stuck out the window and a pad of paper waiting.

"Let's share the Carne Asada Nachos" Lucy points to the picture menu on the side of the truck.

"One Carne Asada Nacho, Please." The men jots it down and takes the money I hand him. 

By the time we meet with Bridget and Miles again, my stomach has all but eaten itself. The food in the Styrofoam container smells delicious. Maybe I should have gotten my own instead of sharing.

"I'm so jealous. We should have gone to Rocco's, but this one" Miles points a thumb to Bridget "Wanted the deep fried pickles and cheese steak."  

I laugh as Bridget throws a fried pickle at Miles and it smacks him on the cheek. He turns his head slowly to face her, and I hate that he has the sexiest smirk on his face as he dives in tickles her.

Her squeals and laughter echo around the tables and people stop to look. The sight of them has a knot forming in my stomach. I try to look away, to focus on anything other than the sight of Miles happy with his girlfriend, but it is hard.

I throw my arm around Lucy's shoulders, not sure what else to do, as we eat our nachos. Finally Miles, pulls away from Bridget who is red faced and has laugh tears streaming down her face. 

"Dammit, now I have to fix my makeup" She says between laughs.

She stands and grabs Lucy's hand pulling her towards the bathrooms.

"You guys look cute together" I stop mid bite as Miles words settle over me. 

You and I would look better.  Is what I want to say, it's the perfect opportunity for it to. But I think it would only serve to freak him out. 

"Thanks" It's a stupid response, but I'm not sure what else to say.

I want to tell him that she is but isn't my girlfriend. I want him to know that if he did have feelings for me, I am open to it. But I know that is all wishful thinking. That Miles is still straight no matter how much I wish for it to be different.

Crushes just like to make us think that we can change the one we want.

"Bridget thinks we should double date again sometime because we all get along so well." He offers me a fried pickle but I shake my head. Pickles are just gross, I don't understand how people can stand to eat them.

I nod my head as I eat the nachos. Truthfully he could have said let's ditch the girls and go play more games and I would have agreed. Anything to spend more time with him will be, pathetically, okay with me.

"Still, maybe we need a guys day" I joke but when Miles laughs and agrees, my heart becomes frantic.

"Oh my gosh babe, the laser tag has no line! Let's go!" Bridget pulls Miles from the booth just as Lucy pulls me. 

We rush quickly through the crowds towards the laser tag pop up building. I can see the neon strobe lights pulsing under the closed door and the music filling the area.

"So couple versus couple to make it fair?" I say, strapping the vest the carnie gave around my chest.

The girls scoff as and cross their arms as best they can over the bulky vests they wear.

"What do you mean, fair? You think Bridge and I need you two on our teams to win?" Lucy takes a gun from the carnie and holds it like a professional player.

I shake my head, reaching for my own gun, and tossing it on my shoulder.

"No, that's not what I am saying" I wasn't lying. I don't think that girls need guys on their teams to win.

I know first hand that girls can kick ass and take names better than some men. That being said, there is a difference here. These girls are with their boyfriends and sometimes that distracts them. They might not want to seem tough in order to appeal more attractive.

It won't matter much to me either way, but I think some men would like to see them being themselves rather than pretending so they appear to be meek.

"How about Lucy and I against you and Miles?" Miles and I share a look, both agreeing to the challenge.

We lost and though I won't admit it, it was my fault. I kept getting distracted by Miles. The way the neon glow lit up his face and the proximity to me when he would lean in and whisper tactics. 

It was almost overwhelming and although we lost. I loved every minute of it.

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