Baby boy

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It was about midnight now and everyone was sitting around the fire. Everyone besides Brit and Lex were sitting on the sand. Of course Cole sat on a chair with them, even when he tried to get away from her, she never gives up.

"C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E  S-O-N-G song! And it'll help it you just sing along!" We all shouted in unison.
"IT'LL HELPP, IT'LL HELP, IF YOU JUST SING ALONGGGG!" Everyone concluded the song.

"Alright, now that we're all done with this immature singing, lets play truth or dare" Lex announces.
We all looked at each other and nodded in agreement.
"I'll go first" Brit says taking the empty glass tequila bottle on the sand.

Now most of the game was pretty boring, lets skip to the interesting part huh.
"Wow Tana your still picking dare" some random guy sighs.
"What can I say? I'm a daredevil" I shrug taking the bottle in hand.
As the glass object spun around, we were all in suspense to who it would land on.

As it slowed down a bit, I mean we can all guess who it landed on. COLE. Of all people.
"There are like 10 people here, why him?" I mutter under my breath. I could hear Lex grunting from the side as she shot daggers through my eye socket. I guess I found this a bit amusing.

"Ok, I dare you to remake the night at the guys house" Ray demands
"No" I grumped.
"What happened the night at the guys house?" Lex urges.
"You have to" Domi says ignoring Lex as he layer his head on Rays lap. I could see Cole with a smirk plastered on his face as I stood up making my way to him.
"Come to daddy" he whispered looking up at me.
Sitting on his lap, I took him by the back of his neck, and brought his lips on mine. I could feel fireworks going off all around me. Thats some extreme de ja vu considering that fireworks literally started going off. If I hadn't got so carried away, I would've heard everyone cheering and telling us to stop.

I moved my face ways from his, looking at him licking his lips with his head tilted as he eyes me. "Who's your daddy now?" I whisper getting off him. I made my way back to my spot on the sand and the expression Lex held on her face was priceless!


"Cole, What are you doing here?" I asks popping off my bed. He has this habit of sneaking in my room in the morning.
"What no good morning?" He asks walking towards me. "You need to stop sneaking in here" I spat.
"Not gonna happen. I needed to see you" he says wrappings is hands around my waist.
"What is it?" I ask taking his hands off me.

"So, you don't talk to me for two weeks, and out of not where we're cool again?" He asks.
"YOU kissed ME!" I exclaim walking to my bathroom
"But you kissed back and need I remind you what happened during truth or dare?" He smirked. Ignoring his little comment, I answer him.
"Well you know I'm not the type to hold grudges"
"That's a lie and you know it." He says.
"Get out my house" I yell.


I finish with my teeth and leave the bathroom, staring at him laying on my bed. "I didn't asks" I retort crossing my arms.
"You didn't have to. I wasn't leaving regardless" he answered. "And if I kill you I'm the bad guy" I exhaust making my way to the closet.
I decided on ripped black jeans with a blue jean sweater and a white shirt. I put in my gold hoops and my air forces.

Once I walk back into my room, Cole was still sitting on my bed, on his phone.
"Why don't you ever listen to me?" I sigh.
"Now that wouldn't be fun would it?" He asks.
"I thought you weren't going to chase me anymore?" I retort.
"And I thought you didn't care about what I had to say" he replied.
"What are you talking about?" I ask.
"At the beach, you didn't let me say what I wanted to" he answers. "Which is..."
"That I don't want any girl that's not you" he declares as he gets off my bed.

"You know you don't have to lie to me right? Just be honest" I sooth.
"Why don't you think someone could care for you?" He asks approaching me.
"I'm not used to getting attention" I reply.
"Well expect a lot of attention coming from me" he Announces pulling me into a hug.
"Why are you still chasing me? Even after what I said" I sigh into his chest.
"Your not getting rid of me that easily" he answers.
"Besides, I always get what I want" He adds.
"Not always" I snap pushing him away from me.

"You can't get me" I add walking out my room.
"We'll see about that Storm." I hear him yell from my room.

The rest of the day, I went to the gym, had lunch with Ray, and took a nap. Now it's about 8 pm and I'm needed at The Ivy house.

"What is it Caden?" I ask as I walk in.
"We have a problem Boss" he replies.
"I told you about doing that. When I was What is it, don't say 'we have a problem' tell me what the problem is" I exhaust making my way to my office.

"West Villas is heard to be coming after you" he replied bluntly.
"Aww are they still salty about me killing Maddox?" I pout. "Apparently" he answers.
"That's fine. Let them come" I reply walking into my office. "Is that all?"
"Um yes, all you have to do now, is look over the orders and approve the New members" he says.
"Alright. Leave" I demand and he obeys.

After looking over a few things, I finally finish up with everything I had to do.
Right before I could finish up with packing, I hear some one arguing behind me door.

I walk out my office, and my my way downstairs to figure out who was causing all the noise, I see Caden with a muscular guy that looked straight from high school. He had the body of a football player and the face of a player. His short brown hair was in a man bun with the sides shaved off. Classic fuck boy.
"Who is this?" I ask leaning against the door.
"This is Jay, he's new and he has a few doubts about you" Caden replies.

"I heard about this gang and how popular it is. I wanted to join, but not anymore after seeing their leader is a girl" he dared to comment. Everyone that was in the room, suddenly stopped and had a concerned look on their faces.
"I see" I reply turning to Jay.
"Meet me in the combat room" I demand before walking away.
This boy needs to be taught a lesson about respect. I will not have a disobedient person in my gang.

I walked back into my office, and changed into something comfortable

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