MindlessBehavior(RayRay) starring you!! chapter one

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Note: YN or_______or you=Your Name Enjoy!!!!! :-D. You move into los angeles with your best friend Abby. And you are Fine as ever!! Nice butt (Like nicki minaj No homo folks lol :D) lets get on with the story. Abby:Arent chu excited our moms are movin to los angeles!!. YN: yeah ! im like Happy girl. Abby: me to. Your mom:OK YALL WE HERE!!!. You:yeah buddy im so happy that finally were here. Yov and Abby start to unpack and then you went to go help her with her house to. Then you go to the park to explore the los angeles fun and weather. Then while looking around then you bump into someone. ???:oh i didnt see you im sorry. You got up and looked at the mysterious guy and blushed. You:oh.....its cool im (your name). ???:oh hey im ray ray i bet im familiar to you and its nice to meet you. You:nice to meet you to ray ray. RayRay:Wanna hang with me and my bros ???. You:ok leggo. You smiled when he took your hand then you saw the rest of mindless behavior ray:hey bros meet _______. Prodigy:Hey i know u kno our names already. You: yeah i do ur mb. Ray: hey _______ want me to show you around??. You:yea. He smiled and walked you to the beach. Ray: i..... Well ______ your pretty very cute. You: thankyou u are to. Ray:wanna like go out with me???............ You:ermmm sure ray i alwayz wanted to. Ray: ok baby *He smiles and kisses your cheek* mind to spend the night with me a.......one night stand????. You looked scared you remembered what your ex-boyfriend did to you when you had an one night stand with you when you first were goin out (he hit you and raped you) You: ok ill be there at like about 6 or 7. Ray:ok *kisses your lips and you blush* You went to go tell ur momma and then you packed some clothes and abby came to then the mb boys came to pick yall up. Abbys P.O.V: OMG IM SITTING NEXT TO PRINCETON!!! I THINK IMA ABOUT TO BLACK DF OUT LAWWD. When yall got to the mb's place you and abby were amazed their house was awesome!!!!. You:wow *ray grabs your waist and hugs you*. Then ray ray shows you his room then you put your stuff in his closet. Abby knocks on rays door Ray: come in you dnt have to knock hahaha. Abby:OMG GIRL IMA PASS OUT PRINCETON IS GONNA LET ME SLEEP WITH HIM. Ray ray laughed.. You:hahahahahahahahaha good abby!!! Hahaha go for it girl. Then you went to shower then you got in your hot pajamas ray was up there watching martin. Ray: hey baby!!! You look good tonite wana cuddle with me love????. You:yea ok hahaha sure. You cuddled with him then suddenly you felt comfortable with him so you layed on his lap and he played with your dark black long puffy (like rays rays hair lenth ur hair was that long like rays) Ray:baby you know when i first saw you its like your beauty almost blinded me or made me faint. You:had teary eyes. Thankyou so much ray ray i love you sooooo much. You two kissed passionately and romanticlyg Its was 1:00am you were asleep on his lap peacefully. He put you on the bed and held you close and hummed in your ear i love you. (song: i love you by: mindless behavior. Then he hummed himself to sleep :-'}

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