Becca Woodville 2018

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"Where are you? Em xx"

I check my phone. Not another text from Emerald. She told me we weren't friends anymore.

The guide points to the green and explains that this was where many famous people were executed including Margaret Pole and Edward of Warwick. Dull people who had no technology. Practically a waste of time to learn about. Though I wonder why they died. Should they have died? What did they do wrong?

As I walk over the grass where the scaffold used to stand, I close my eyes and say a quiet prayer for them and any others who happened to have the misfortune to have displeased a king or queen.

A text brings me back to consciousness.

"You're practically addicted to your phone why aren't you answering. Come on. Em xx"

Exactly that's just how I expect her to act. I reply cuttingly.

"I thought we weren't friends anymore."

Hopefully that will shut her up. Not a chance. She replies instantly.

"I couldn't be cross with you for long. Anyway I feel like you're dodging my question. Where are you? Em xx"

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