Twin Direction

Chapter Two


(Kelsey’s POV)


Dad; R u guys on ur way?

Me; not yet

          Pulling my hair into a tight bun, I did my makeup. I wasn’t going to make myself look fake. Just going to cover up the imperfections.

“KELSEY ARE YOU READY?” Holla yelled from downstairs. I groaned and ran down, fixing my high heels on the way.

“You look so stupid doing that.” Holla laughed, hugging me.

“Was that supposed to some sort of a compliment?” I snorted, rolling my eyes as we made our way to the truck. Various vows out loud moo’s and I rolled my eyes. Ugh, living on a farm.

“What do you think they’ll be like?” I asked my twin.


“Fancy,” I added.



“White trash,”









“Fantastic,” I laughed at the words we were shooting at each other.

          Pulling up to the restaurant, I mentally groaned. I was scared to meet them. Extremely scared, like pee my pants scared.

“Hey Kelsey, Hey Holla.” Our father greeted us, hugging us tight. We both could barely breathe.

“Where is she?” I asked, looking around for my step mother.

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