Twin Direction

Chapter One

          Finished the dishes, I groaned. Washing dishes was EXTREMELY nasty! When I get married, I’m hiring a maid. Or making my husband do it, whichever one works better.

“Kelsey,” Someone groaned.

“What Holla?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at my twin sister. Born a minute apart, we don’t look totally identical. Holla was tall with brown wavy hair and piercing green eyes.

          I had black straight hair that was extremely long. Holla’s was shoulder length, perfect. I was short and had blue eyes. Everyone said they were pretty. I thought they were extremely scary looking.

“Dad wants us to meet our step family.” Holla informed me, sliding her iPhone into her back pocket. She had ‘earned’ it. She was the smart one; she got everything she wanted.

“Why tonight?” I slid into the counter, pulling my hair into a messy pony tail.

“Because the son is in LA,” Holla rambled on. When she said LA it made me snort. One of my friend’s nicknames was LA. “And so Dad, the mom, and our step sister need to come visit them anyways. Since we don’t live extremely far away, they decided to visit.”

“Well, this shall be fun.” I grumbled, walking out of the room to take a shower.

** (Holla’s POV) ** -I’ll be switching back in forth-

          I watched as my sister stormed off. Kelsey isn’t the most outgoing person in the whole wide world. She was extremely shy; always bad been. The whole ‘Dad got remarried to someone with two kids around our age’ thing had bothered us both.

          It bothered her more though. I knew for sure of this. She would have to adjust to these people, something she had never been good at.

“Bai, I have to meet my Dad’s new family tonight.” I groaned into the phone as soon as my best friend answered.

“Im sorry, hun.” Bailey sighed. She had the accent which I loved. Which accent? She had the southern belle accent. Even though we weren’t totally southern. Well, she kind of was.

          We own a ranch. Well our mother and step father does. Pretty cool, isn’t it? I thought so actually.

          Kelsey and I bother were barrel racers. But, I was training to be a jockey. My mom didn’t want to though.

          We had race horses on our farm. We had a track too. Living in San Diego, we were open for tons of ideas because we were one of the nicer stables.

          Western horses had one barn. English horses had another. Professional horses had their own which was extremely nice. Kelsey and I were allowed to use any barn and arena. The benefits of being the daughters of the owners!

“Holls, are you there?” Bailey asked and I shook my head, clearing the thoughts.

“Ya, sorry, was daydreaming a tad bit.” I laughed, running a hand through my hair.

“It’s fine. How is Kelsey doing?” She asked. I knew why she was asking. Kelsey had just gone through a recent break up with her boyfriend for two years. She broke up with him though.

“Better, no one knows why she did it.” I grumbled, rolling my eyes. Reese, Kelsey’s ex, worshipped the ground we walked on pretty much. They were extremely close. And, well, to put it simply, Reese was extremely gorgeous.

** (Kelsey’s POV) **

          Getting my clothes on, I stretched out. I was tired and my whole body ached. But I needed to find clothes for tonight! I kept wondering if our step brother was going to be hot.

          It’s not like I could date him or anything. But hot guys usually had hot friends. Hopefully, one of these hot friends was single! Or took a liking to me at least.

          I missed my ex a lot. Everyone kept giving me dirty looks for breaking up with him though. I had a reason, thank you very much. I broke up with him because he was too clingy.

          Reese was always at my side, always right there. He always had to talk to me, every day. It annoyed me a lot. I thought girls were the ones who were supposed to be clingy, not the boys!

          I put up with it for two years. After a while, it got worse so I called it quits. He kept thinking I was going to cheat on him and stuff. I wasn’t going to though. He needed to stop it for once. But, he never did.

          It was sad though. I loved him a lot. But it was time to move on to bigger and better people. I guess meeting my step brother would help this.

          I was determined to become friendlier and make friends with my new siblings. And their friends. I was going to be a new person for once.

                                      Oh, I was so worried!

-NOTE; most of the views will be from Kelsey because she is the main character. But, sometimes, it will be Holla’s. Still haven’t decided if I wanted to do once chapter each. May get confusing… -

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